August 21


Pushover Business Owners: are you one?

Pushover Business Owner depicted by Dad playing guitar to his a baby.
Are you a Pushover of a Business Owner? Do you tend to YOUR Baby (Business) Appropriately?

Pushover to your own business?
Business Owners: Your Baby needs you to nurture it!

Pushovers, as Business Owners, are everywhere. It’s like an epidemic! Too often I see Business Owners settle and not stand up for their business. This is sad for the business and frustrating for the Business Owner. Unfortunately, it’s the the Business Owners’ fault. They have allowed themselves to be a pushover. YOUR performance as a Business Owner is crucial to YOUR Business’s growth.

Business Owners who are Pushovers
are NOT Leading their Business

If you are being a pushover to you business, you definitely aren’t leading its success. In fact you’re allowing it to flounder. In case you are wondering; this is unfavorable. YOUR Business is your baby. It can’t do anything without you. Daily (except for your day/s off), it needs you to take care of it.

6 Questions to Assess Business Owner’s Pushover:

  1. Are you feeding your baby? (Sales)
  2. Are you changing your baby’s diapers? (Customer Service)
  3. Are you bathing your baby? (Product/Service Offerings)
  4. Are you communicating with your baby? (Marketing)
  5. Is you baby in a routine? (Systems/Operations)
  6. Teaching your baby to share? (Networking)

If you aren’t taking care of it, you aren’t in right relationship with YOUR Business. Yes, it’s that simple! Being a pushover to your own business can be frustrating for you, the Business Owner. A majority of this is because you aren’t doing the basics. If you aren’t doing the basics, you won’t be able to lead your business either. This renders you ineffective because you don’t have a simplify action plan which is both practical and tactical.

A Business Owner’s Pushover Score

As you read this post, did your self performance review score just drop? Did you go from leading your business, or to a business owner, to a hobbyist? Being a Business Leader involves a consistent and nurturing relationship between you and YOUR Business.

Are you a Business Owner who is doing some of the basics, but not consistently? Imagine if your parents would have cared for you in this manner – would you be thriving? No; so please don’t expect YOUR Business to do so. If you are a business hobbyist, that’s OK, as long as you don’t expect YOUR Business to perform as if a Business Owner or Business Owner-Leader is taking care of it.

How did you score?

Did you just discovered that you’re more of a Business Owner Pushover than you initially thought?

What are you going to do about this? Are you going to create a new schedule and tend to your baby’s real needs instead of ________? (Insert your favorite distractions and excuses here.) Yes, this is one of those wake-up posts to help you refocus and recommit to your goals.

We will dive into each of these questions over the next couple of weeks. If you haven’t registered for the blog to come to your inbox now’s the time! Go to and sign up for the blog. You will need to confirm via a double opt-in email. When you take action upon our posts’ simplified strategies and actions items, you will become less and less of a Business Pushover and start performing more as a Business Owner-Leader. 

Please feel free to comment or share what your baby needs most to grow right now. Let’s see how we can help YOUR Business grow into its success!


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
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p.s.: Remember to take a break from your baby every once in a while. It will rejuvenate and inspire you to take care of it in even more!


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