Performance: Business’s Vision

By Maggie Mongan | Business Strategies

Jul 14

                            Performance: Your Business’s Vision

Performance Begins with a Vision

Performance Begins with  a Vision

What’s the status of your Business’s Vision?
Does it need to change because a focus has changed?
Is your performance in alignment with your ultimate vision?

OK, let’s admit it: performance awareness gets the best of us at times. What do I mean by that? Well, until we take some time and allow ourselves to ponder our performance or our business’s performance, we don’t think about it. This is an important clue. This is often a common behavior of Business Leaders who have “settled” and accepted their recent performance.

Have you ever noticed that when people are crushing their goals, they spend a great deal of time talking, thinking, and working on actions to increase their performance? Yep, I witness it all the time. Are you one of those Business Leaders? If not, what happened? Did you let a “no” shut you down? Did you allow distractions to knock you off your path? Did you fall into stinking thinking? Don’t worry, all this happens quite naturally in the cycles of business performance! The question is: Do you visit, or rent space, from what is keeping you off your game?

Last Monday we spoke about diversity in your business and simplification. Click on this sentence to learn more on how diversity feeds inconsistent performance. I promised that each Monday I would share some basics to help you improve your business’s performance. Today we begin with your Business’s Vision. Remember, this is designed in an over-simplified manner for it to be applicable to all Business Leaders, both corporate management and entrepreneurs.

Performance Review: Status Update of Business Vision

It is often best to start at the beginning 🙂 Do you have a Business Vision? If no, it might be a good time to start developing one since it’s what you are striving for with each decision and action made. If yes, do you know it? Can you recite it from memory (or the essence of it)? Does your current vision statement guide all the decisions you make each day? If not, it is time to review it.

If you don’t have a Vision Statement for you Business, it’s time to build one. Click on this sentence to learn more about Vision Statements. The short answer is that it’s a vision of the Leader of the Business (and/or Top Management Team Members) as to what they want the business to look like in 5-10 years. It a bird’s eye view of what it will look like to outsiders because you have intentionally stayed on task to build the business to fulfill it’s vision.

Performance of Your Business Vision

Ah, well, I was a little sneaky there. Your Vision isn’t performing… actually everyone within the business is performing to fulfill it, or not. Your Business’s Vision depend upon you (and your team) to show up and deliver your part successfully for it to be actualized. Conjuring up Business Visions can easily occur all day long – if they are effective is another story. After all, there is an art and science to creating powerful Business Visions. Once the vision is created, the challenge we encounter is our consistency of efficient and effective performance to support our vision to be realized. How is it looking for you and your team? Is everyone showing up in a good way?

As You Change, Performance Changes

Did you learn that your current Business Vision is in great shape? If so, then it’s time to adjust your and your team’s performance to support it best. This is your invitation to choose how to best support the vision. Do you need to call a meeting and re-ignite this with everyone?

OR… Do you need to change it because the business’s direction has morphed? (This happened to me and it is still taking some time to create a clear Business Vision – almost have it now!) If this is you, and me, don’t worry, this is a natural process of a business’s evolution 🙂

Performance Simplified: KNOW THY BUSINESS VISION

Do yourself a favor and simplify your life by knowing the Business Vision you are supporting. Why? It really does provide you clues as to how to function to support your business and not side-rail your own performance! Remember when I said that it guides your decisions and actions? It should, if it is developed properly.

Business’s Vision Action Items:

  • Build time on your calender this week to review your Business Vision and assess if it is appropriate or if your business’s performance is supporting something different. Adjust accordingly.
  • If you need to build a new Business Vision, do so. Don’t hesitate! Click on the links and review that wisdom. Call or send me a private message in the comment section if you’d like a free consultation regarding this. We can get you rolling right away 🙂

Since next Monday’s post is about reviewing your Mission Statement or Job Description, I suggest you start on the Performance of your Business Vision as soon as you’re able 🙂

Maggie’s curious: Do you currently have an effective Business Vision? Please feel free to share in the comment section so we can learn from each other!


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