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Owning the flaws in your business is humbling

Owning the flaws of business depicted by a flat tire on a rusted out old vehicle.
If you don’t start owning the flaws of your business it will cost you more profit to manage later

Owning the flaws in your business is a humbling awakening

Do you see the flaws in your business?
Do you want to see the flaws in your business?
Are you tending to them or getting help from others?

Owning your flaws… yep I know, no one likes this one at all! Yet it is critical for your business’s success. When we see the flaws of our own doing, we see truth. Truth provides awareness for us. In this case it’s an opportunity in the guise of an invitation. An invitation for us to step up and correct blips, oh-ohs, or a bunch of yikes!

Once you notice the blips you have a choice. Owning the flaws is a great choice. No matter how big the flaw is, this choice will serve you well. I admit it may not be comfortable, nor exciting at first, but it will improve performance.

3 Steps to Owning YOUR Flaws to Improve
YOUR  Business Performance

Step 1. Do you see your flaws?

Do you walk around with your eyes closed? Even the best Business Owners-Leaders do this once in a while. It’s easiest to do this when you are swamped and there really isn’t time to dive in and clean up a flaw. The opposite is true too! When times are slow we don’t take the opportunity to do some clean up work. This is a big mistake!

Step 1 Action Item:
When you have any time, this is the best time to give attention to what needs it.

Step 2. Do you want to see the flaws in your business?

OK, I get it. Not everyone wants to see the flaws, or begin owning flaws. If you choose to have a “clueless” approach to your business operations and its success performance, you will not be successful. It is necessary to continuously be owning the flaws of your business and correcting them. True success requires you to be prosperous and peace-filled.

Step 2 Action Item:
Don’t do a disservice to yourself and business; open your eyes and mind.

Step 3. Are you owning the flaws and tending to them
or enrolling others to do so?

If you don’t want to open your eyes, get another person to do it for you. Whomever it is, this person must be able to be inquisitive and assess how processes could be simplified. This person could be an employee, partner, or tenured business coach.

Step 3 Action Item:
Find and invite this person to take on this task. It is crucial for someone to be owning the flaws of your business. Allow them to guide you through this awareness process. Make sure you trust them to guide you effectively. Then take action upon their suggestions to improve business performance swiftly.

These 3 Steps to Owning the Flaws of YOUR Business are quite simple to put into action. I gave you the Action Items to get the ball rolling. If you want to improve your business’s performance, start taking these 3 actions today! If you want to discuss how to do this effectively, call me at the number below.

Feel free to leave a comment or question regarding owning the flaws of your business and swiftly improving your business’s performance.


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p. s. Remember: by not tending to the flaws of your business while they are still little, they amplify and negatively impact other areas of your business’s performance. Keep you peace of mind and your profit in check.


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