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Business Coaching Services Customized for Success

Business Coaching Services and Programs of all kinds are abundant. Have you considered the possibility of what a quantum impact customized business coaching services may offer your business?

We recognize the reality of how Business Leaders come in many different shapes and sizes. Business Leaders, according to our definition includes: Business Owners, Mid-Managers, Senior Managers, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, and Executives. Regardless of the title, your position within the business involves a particular scope of responsibilities which you are required to fulfill within your business.

Guess what? Each business is unique too! Your business has a different purpose, vision, and mission than any of your competitors – even if they are located in the same geography or industry. What makes each business unique? People are the difference. You can be providing essentially the same widget as your competitors, but your businesses aren’t in competition with each other at all! How do you like that for a twist?

Competition in the marketplace isn’t as it once was. Technology has essentially created a marketplace that is repeatable. What is the difference from Widget Company A and Widget Company B? Each company’s people. People are the greatest asset in a business because they are the difference from Widget A’s and Widget B’s customer experience. People are the defining factor of a company being successful or not. Don’t think it’s money. Money is another great resource, but it’s the people who know how to get the money’s greatest ROI.

Now, some of you might be saying, “I run a solo shop; this doesn’t matter to me.” This is erroneous thinking. Why? You are a person, AKA: People. Anyone in management knows that each person is motivated and inspired differently than the next AND each individual has unique talents. This, right here, is what makes each business awesome – if you know how to optimize this greatest resource! It also explains why so many “cookie cutter” programs are ineffective, doesn’t it?

Indeed, Best Practices exist; however, they are usually only best practices for one or a few organizations. It may be more practical to call them Better Practices and have businesses review them and see if adopting or adapting them may provide favorable results. It’s clear you aren’t the same as the person sitting next to you and your business’s strengths and weaknesses aren’t the same as the next either. So why wouldn’t you want to consider a customized business coaching services to not just maximize your business, but optimize it?

Most businesses are focused on maximizing resources… ooops! This isn’t the best idea, especially when you are focusing on your greatest asset, people. People are already maxed out! We are witnessing people either implode or explode because they have reached their maximization point. The better way to approach your resources is to focus on optimization. Optimization will help you find the “sweet spot” for people (your talent), process (your time), and finances (your treasure).

Cookie cutter Business Programs are often render ineffective because they are founded on theory versus making these concepts practical AND tactical for the unique circumstance each business encounters. Additionally, Brilliant Breakthroughs understands entrepreneurs have very different needs than executives and managers.

Here at Brilliant Breakthroughs, we, too, are unique! We’ve worked first-hand in both corporate and small business environments. We understand there are many different ways to approach optimization. Admittedly, some are much more effective than others. Our tenure assists you in minimizing your losses as you work to improve performance.

Simply stated: Together, with customized business coaching services, we develop and support your unique success and profitability.

Please review the different Customized Leadership and Business Coaching Services we offer. If you don’t see what you are looking for, click Contact Us and let us know what your needs are. Most likely we will be able to co-create a customizes business coaching services for your specific needs.

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