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Maggie Mongan

Master Business Coach & Strategist
Certified MasterMind Executive Coach
International Conference Speaker
Avid Small Business Blogger
Author & Anthology Leader
Small Business Influencer
Certified Youth Minister 
Ordained Minister
Harley Rider
Star Gazer


Marguerite Mongan, or Maggie, is a Possibilitarian above all else!

She is known for her unconventional approach and debunking myths that keep many in mediocrity. Maggie serves the Small Business Sector and has fun working with Small Business Owners, who are seriously committed and growth focused. Building dynamic businesses, and developing their leaders, is the game of this Coach.

Maggie helps Small Business Owners build profitable and peace-filled businesses. Utilizing a framework she developed and refined over the past 15  years of coaching, she helps Small Business Owners learn and practice The 4 Performance Pillars of Small Business SuccessTM : Profitability, People, Productivity, and Peacefulness. Ultimately, simplifying their small business success by successfully running a dynamic 21st century business.

Maggie’s fun and focused approach creates a safe space to explore and experiment to optimize small business and leadership performance. She’s devoted to helping her clients transform their worlds into ones which allows them and their businesses to brilliantly shine.

Armed with more than 25 years of management experience, more bruises than her myriad of notable certifications and degrees, Maggie blends traditional business and cutting edge practices into a practical and tactical reality for her clients. She has templates and frameworks galore for clients to effectively build their 4 Performance Pillars for their business. 


Bottom-line: Are you interested in Transforming YOUR Professional Fate Into YOUR Destiny? 

Maggie holds that possibility for you and assists you into becoming the Brilliant CEO of your Small Business. Who knows – your successes might even be highlighted in her upcoming business book.

Maggie, is the founder and CEO of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc., she helps Small Business Owners develop happy, healthy, and high-performing businesses where success and profits aren’t dirty little words here, but a result of a brilliant business. If you’re ready to conduct business in a new way, you won’t regret contacting her!

Maggie is an author, avid blogger with over 1,000 articles published, and anthology leader. Since childhood, Maggie understood the power of wisdom-sharing and is utilizing the power of her expertise to improve her corner of the world!  

Maggie is a Small Business Influencer. She has developed a Small Business Book, App, and Podcast to introduce, guide, and support simplifying Small Business Success in the 21st century. She created an annual book series, “Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner: Fresh Perspectives on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Finding Peace in Your Business”. To keep fresh perspectives brilliant, she vetted other Brilliant Practicing ExpertsTM to co-author a chapter in the book sharing their expertise with Small Business Owners.

Additionally, Maggie has presented at a Global Conference of Scholars on “Optimizing Business and Leadership Performance”. Imagine sharing your ideas with the people who are writing textbooks – now that was daunting!

So who is Maggie Mongan?

Maggie Mongan resides in Southeastern Wisconsin. She is a country girl at heart who also has a blast playing in the big city! Over 35 years ago she married a U.S. Marine, which provided her an opportunity to witness elite leadership and training. Additionally, Maggie has two adult sons, who are taking the world by storm in the music industry.

On any given day from March to November, you can find her on a Harley motorcycle looking all snappy, waving, and smiling at folks.

Being a Possibilitarian and Breakthrough Expert, Maggie accepts that she is a conduit to assist other people when they “get stuck” or “are in need of attaining the next level”. She has fun and enjoys helping others actualize what they didn’t even realize was possible! Want to bring YOUR DESTINY INTO REALITY? Then let’s start optimizing today!

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