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Surprise! The #1 Bestselling Book Series for Small Business, "Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner - Vol 1-4" doesn’t have a website. Why?

We advocate how Small Business can win BIG in the 21st century! For many, this now means having a mobile app to engage with your customers.

This century’s business success is going to be determined by which businesses will be able to build strong relationships with their customers. Having a mobile app keeps your business in the palm of your potential and active customers.

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Client Results

From Can’t Keep the Doors Open to a Full Book of Business

When I started working with Maggie, I had three clients. Now I have thirteen and I am not actively looking for more. Much of that is due to Maggie’s coaching. The results speak for themselves.

Prep and Refinement for Next Opportunities

Marguerite/Maggie assisted me with the process of a successful job search two years ago. Her expertise included a review of my resume(s), strategies for attracting the “right” job, interview role-playing and job offer negotiation techniques. Her support, advice and recommendations assisted me in achieving all my goals.

Meg McNally President of Bowheart Business Strategies, LLC

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