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Celebrating Customer Success: Jamie Shibley

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The Brilliance of a Small Business Success Case Study: Jamie Shibley of The Expressory

Celebrating Customer Success:
Jamie Shibley
Then & Now

For Jamie Shibley, it started with a card. Then, over the many years, Jamie’s appreciation for the expressed feelings, via cards, became a business concept. That was 6 years ago.  I remember we were introduced by a mutual business acquaintance at a networking event. What happened next was truly magical and this isn’t an overnight success story!

Jamie Shibley of The Expressory
Jamie Shibley, A Business Success Star in the Making

Jamie Shibley, Then…

After the networking event, we met at a coffee shop and Jamie shared some of her business monsters (challenges) with me. She shared the good, the bad, and the ugly about her first business. What amazed me is how candid she was. She put it on the table and told me what her personal goal was for her business, as well as her business’s goals.

Was her experience unique? Yes, it sure was and it was impacting how she was performing in her current business. Additionally, her challenges were new to her, but not uncommon for many business owners.

Jamie was inquisitive – asking questions. Moreso, she was asking the right questions about: success, best practices, practical and stretching goals, product viability, mindset, business models, management, and marketing.

The Discovery Process

Being a tenured project manager, staying on task wasn’t an issue with Jamie, she was a dedicated Small Business Owner in start-up mode.
So what was the immediate challenge? Mindset and a viable product.

I remember our first coaching session. Jamie went to the huge whiteboard and drew out her vision of how one handmade card, at a time, could change the world.
I remember some of those initial thoughts and conversation points we had about the product itself.

  • What if others could experience receiving a genuine and thoughtful expression from another person?
  • Could this change their relationship?
  • Would this impact each of their lives?

Once we understood the purpose and vision, we really needed to explore if this concept was viable. Jamie had completed extensive marketplace research. This also included competitive analysis.  We got busy, as they say. We needed to find out how to bring this together, including initial marketing, to take it to the marketplace.

The Viability Experiment

Jamie took what we planned for marketplace experimenting to the market. For 6 months she was going to experiment. As a good scientist conducts experiments, we discussed how to shift the variables and see what would happen. Of course, the key is not to get attached to any particular outcome.

The hardest part of experimenting isn’t collecting everyone’s feedback, it’s about allowing the truth of what the marketplace will appreciate (purchase) to appear instead of what you, the founder, initially assumed. Jamie did this splendidly!

The Experiment’s Outcome

In less than 2 years, Jamie was able to see what the marketplace needed and wanted. Her experiment revealed something she hadn’t envisioned, and they revealed they would pay for this service.

All of the ongoing experiments revealed a rebranding was necessary to better align with what the marketplace would engage with and purchase.  And the next concept needed to go through another round of product viability and marketing possibilities. This round tends to move swiftly because the process is already known and Jamie had all the clues from her experimenting.

The Expressory logo
Rebranding of the newest logo of The Expressory

Jamie Shibley, Now…

The rebranding: The Expressory was born in 2018. Have there been multiple reworks? Of course! Curious? Tap here to go to The Expressory’s website. It still aligns with Jamie’s initial vision. Does it look different? You bet! Why? Jamie did her research until the “what” was revealed. Tip: Jamie heard me when I told her, “If you truly identify your “what” the “who” will reveal itself. Once you have these two components, the “how” automatically is known. Again, it all needs experimentation throughout the whole process, which Jamie did exquisitely.

What’s the reward? Jamie’s concept went from a solo entrepreneur’s basement business to … ready for this? The Expressory now employs three angels to serve her ever-expanding customer base to… a 2,000 square foot warehouse that’s already full in less than a year of signing a lease! hard to believe that it’s almost six months since these pictures were taken at The Expressory’s Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in Spring 2022.  Did I mention, that her husband is very proud of her and the business?

Open House of The Expressory
The official Celebration of the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of The Expressory 2022.

What’s Next for Jamie Shibley?

Did I mention, that her husband is very proud of her and the business? Indeed! Jamie Shibley, of The Expressory, has reasons to celebrate! Does she still have business monsters (challenges) lurking? Don’t we all! Is she working to improve her business and her business ownership skills each week? You betcha – that’s how she’ll be a grand success and finally cross the $1 Million Dollar threshold. When I asked her if she crossed this threshold, her response was, “Not yet!”

FYI: Jamie will achieve it soon and we just shared a case study of how it’s done. How do I know this? My client’s history reveals all sorts of ways that all good things come to those who are seriously committed to owning their marketplace.  Each one of them will confirm, “It may not be easy, but it is simple.”

Congratulations Jamie! You inspire many and are doing amazing work to make the world a better place. May you continue to shine brightly!


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