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team support wins bobsledding competition

High Performing Business with Team Support

High-Performing Business with Team Support Creating a Support Team to keep you and your business smoothly functioning may be one of the best actions you take to improve your business’s performance—when it’s the right time to expand. Typically, there are two approaches to determining when to add your support team. In all the years of […]

Life buoy rescuing dollars.

Reading your business’s P&L Statement improves your profit

Reading your P&L Statement improves your profit margin Most Small Business Owners don’t take advantage to learn what information their P&L statement provides. Why? Small Business Owners (SBOs) don’t know the value it offers them when making decisions, how to analyze it to improve business performance, or how it is created. When a SBO understands […]

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Are you creating a peaceful business?

Are you creating a peaceful business? When a new Small Business Owner (SBO) begins operating, many people ask, “What type of business are you creating?” I’d find it highly unusual if the new SBO answered, “A peaceful and profitable business.”  Yet, when I speak with SBOs, this is precisely why they are creating their own […]

Too much business tech.

How much business tech do you need to ditch?

How Much Business Tech Do You Need to Ditch? Modern Small Business Owners need business tech to be effective and efficient. By not using it, they could be doing themselves a big disservice.  However, business tech does come with a caution: there is a point at which it can hinder the progression of a small […]

Phone calls create conversations - create a follow up phone call system.

Phone follow up with potential customers

Phone follow up with potential customers The effectiveness of phone follow up with customers and potential customers is being minimized in modern business. We aren’t utilizing one of our most commonly available tools – a phone. Yes, you heard me correctly. People still use phones to speak to one another.  Small Business Owners, you need […]

Sales and Marketing focus puts money in your hand.

Internal Business Partners: Marketing and Sales

Internal Business Partners: Marketing and Sales Every business needs sales to survive. Sales need marketing to attract and engage potential customers so they can be converted from lurkers to paying customers. This is a fact for every business. Your business is no different. Do sales happen without marketing? It is possible, but not probable! We’re […]

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Independence Day and Your Business

Independence Day and Your Business Independence Day is today in The United States of America. Canada celebrated their Independence Day on July 1st. All these Independence Day concepts had me pondering about the independence of owning a business. Small Business Owners (SBOs) are seriously committed to the growth and increasing value of their business. This […]

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WHY pen 1000 blogposts for Business Owners and Leaders

WHY I have penned 1000 blogposts for Business Leaders “Why?” is the question everyone asks me as they hear I have committed to serving Business Leaders and Small Business Owners via 1,000 blogposts. And this posts marks my 1000th blogpost. Yay!  Yet, the yay isn’t for me, it’s for you! Why? You deserve practical and […]

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Is your marketing messaging attracting?

Is your marketing messaging attracting? Your marketing messaging is paramount to Your Business’s Performance. Its effectiveness determines if you amass revenue or have your revenue trickling.  Why the vast difference? Your marketing message is a magnet. It can attract or repel the people you choose to have as customers.  Creating attractive marketing messages isn’t difficult. […]

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Are you hiding from your potential business?

Are you hiding from your potential business? Far too often I notice Small Business Owners hiding from their potential business. What do I mean by this? There’s two points: not placing your contact information on your website and not being accessible both in person and virtually. Answer Your Business Phone When It Rings When people […]