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Two faces in background with the word feedback in the middle to help develop better relationships

Developing better relationships for business success

Developing Better Relationships for Business Success Developing better relationships doesn’t have to be difficult – unless you want it to be. Many find business relationships are easier to develop than personal relationships. I agree! If you aren’t sure if you’re effectively developing better relationships, just look at your revenue stream or streams. Revenue streams indicate […]

Smaller Wins illustrated by two red lady bugs on a leaf

Smaller Wins Hurt Business Growth

Smaller Wins Hurt Business Growth Smaller wins are everywhere in small business. If you are hacking your business, chances are you’re hacking YOUR Business’s Performance and ultimately its growth potential. Settling for smaller wins means you start to accept your To-Do List as victorious moves, instead of basic completions. OK, in some cases it may […]

Business Synergy illustrated with blue gears and nodes interconnected.

What’s Business Synergy?

Is your business synergy in sync or disconnected? Here’s options to consider. What’s Business Synergy? Business synergy is for Small Businesses too? It was only 15-20 years ago when the term synergy explained how big business collaborates. You, as a Small Business Owner (SBO), are most likely implementing synergy into your business already. I’m convinced […]

Sounding board illustrated by: DJ's sound board and hand adjusting a control

Your business growth requires a sounding board

Your business growth requires a sounding board Do you have a sounding board to support You and Your Business’s Growth? If not, it’s time to find one! Often, I have Small Business Owners tell me how lonely they are doing their job. At times they may be isolated for a days or even weeks. Sometimes […]

improving performance icon equation on chalkboard

Improving upon past performance

Improving upon past performance Improving your performance and your business’s performance is an ongoing process as a Small Business Owner. It is also your duty to constantly review and adjust to optimize YOUR Business’s Performance. This is what makes rock star businesses! There are certain times of the calendar year when we spend more time […]

fresh start illustrated by stop watches

Start fresh to better support your business

Start Fresh to Better Support YOUR Business Start fresh – it’s a common theme at the beginning of any new year. Are you “turning over a new leaf” this week? If so, you’re like many. Yet I ask: Why wait for the calendar to indicate it’s time to start something new? YOUR Business’s Performance requires […]

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc. Topic: Respecting Each Other. Illustrated by a written "Thank You"

Respecting each other through gratitude

Respecting each other through gratitude Respecting each other is in short supply and high demand these days. Unfortunately, it isn’t any different in business. Respecting others doesn’t cost you anything! Genuinely saying “Thank You!” is a free action you can extend to everyone – at any time. Extending gratitude is a sign of respect and […]

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Topic: Others Success illustrated by #1 Bestselling Author Team image.

Others Success – How Do You Celebrate?

Others Success – How Do You Celebrate? When we celebrate others success, we celebrate achievement. Do you go out of your way to make sure people know you support their accomplishments? If so, that’s exceptional and bravo! If not, this may be an essential element YOUR Business needs to accelerate its profitability! Others Success Awareness […]

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthrough, Inc. Topic: 1 Expert Power Move illustrated with book stack of Vol 2 in book series.

1 Expert Power Move to Simplify Small Business Success

1 Expert Power Move to Simplify Small Business Success! Are you ready to create different results for your Small Business with 1 Expert Power Move? Then November 14, 2018 will be your game-changer of a day! Why? That’s the day the book “Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner – Vol 2: Fresh Perspectives on Profitability, […]

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Topic: Management 101 illustrated by team playing tug of war.

It’s all Management 101

It’s all Management 101 Management 101 and Business 101 is where most business students start their education. Why? It’s fundamental. These two topics directly impact YOUR Business’s Success and overall performance. It’s why they are the foundational teachings. Then, we begin to pile other topics and trainings upon them. They get lost in the “sophistication” […]