Welcome to Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc., a high-performing business consulting firm.

As a business consulting firm, we offer a myriad of professional coaching services for individuals and groups who are Business Leaders. Business Leaders are people who lead a business either formally or informally as employees,  entrepreneurs, wantre-preneurs, senior management, or executives. We focus on helping you develop business strategies to improve your performance as well as your business’s performance.

Our Mission is to transform 1 million Business Leaders by advancing their careers and organizations
through learning how to optimize individual and collective performance.

I invite you to take a look around our site… often … as we are currently under construction! Each day there will be more added over the next month! In this respect we are choosing to be transparent and allow everyone to see how we are evolving, publicly. If you landed here and are looking for Maggie Mongan, the Business Rescue Coach of Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc., please go to the menu and click on “Blog”.

 A Note From Maggie…

Being the president of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc., I understand the pressures and challenges which Owners, CEOs, and Top Management Team Members experience, as I have held each of these positions. I also understand that I am here to serve you, the Executive, Executive-in-Waiting, or the Entrepreneur (who is the Brilliant CEO of a business too). Please take some time to read the “About Us” page where I share who I am, and why I focus on serving you… the one who makes the world go round. Then, read through other areas which are of interest to you.

Your role is important to your business and you shouldn’t be expected to be an expert at all things… we get that! We also get that we aren’t experts at some things too – but chances are we know someone who is, and will appropriately refer you. Otherwise, if we have the “right stuff” for whatever is frustrating you, we will be happy to discuss solutions and strategies to help you optimize your performance.


I invite you to take a test drive of our Brilliant Breakthroughs Coaching
to see if you gain value from it – bet you will!!!

May you be blessed with becoming the brilliance you seek to be in your own marketplace!

Contact Information:
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.
Brilliant CEO & Founder: Rev. Marguerite T. Mongan or Maggie Mongan, MSM & CMEC
Address: Waterford, WI 53185
Phone: 262.716.7750

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