Why is business coaching beneficial for Small Business Owners?

In some cases it may not be, but for a vast majority of business owners coaching can alleviate your confusion, overwhelm, and lack of appropriate directions. A good business coach has already accomplished what you are trying to achieve – they have successful tenure in what you want to accomplish. You should expect them to shave years off your learning curve!

Are all business coaches the same?

Not at all. As much as one would like to think it is, the coaching industry has not been standardized. Typically, there are 2 types of coaches: (1) Coaches who pay a license and/or training fee to learn a facilitation process to move you through to attain a goal. (2) Transformational Coaches know how to customize your coaching experience according to what you personally need to achieve your goals. Transformational Coaches tend to have direct experience in what you’re working on with them.

How does coaching work?

If you’re working with a Facilitator-type Business Coach, you will have a cookie-cutter experience as they move you through their process- there will some personal conversation differences, but the goal is to move you through their process for you to achieve your goal.

If you’re working with a Transformational Business Coach, you won’t have the exact same experience as others who work with that same coach. Parts of what you work on are the same. Since each business has unique aspects, how you work and what you apply it to are uniquely different. They pull from tenure and guide you to achieve your goal in the best way possible to optimize success.

How long should coaching last?

As long as it is necessary. There are endless options available to you! You could have one session (Laser Business Coaching), several sessions (Rescue Business Coaching), Self-Study Program guided by a coach with live interaction – like training (Productivity Program), or Personalized Coaching could last from 1 month to ? (1-1 Brilliant CEO, or 1-1 Brilliant Business Performance – or a combo of what you need).

WARNING: A coaching engagement shouldn’t make you co-dependent on your coach. You should expect to gain the wisdom you seek and move on to mastering other parts of your business.

What impact can business coaching have on your business?

You should be learning how to simplify strategies and align actions to create a peaceful and profitable business. Learning why you are doing what your guided to do allow you to replicate resolution. Instead of trying to do everything, transformational coaching will help you focus on the things that matter – for your business. Additionally, exceptional coaching will support you, the Business Owner, to master what you must on the inner game. They should build you up so you can shine brightly!

When is the best time to effectively engage with a coach?

When you are ready to solve your frustrations. The next part of the answer is most important: when you are ready to surrender your old thoughts and actions and apply Right Thoughts with Right Actions to achieve your desired results. Additionally, make sure you have time available to do the necessary action items to support your success.

How do you interview a Business Coach?

You are hiring a coach to provide solutions to improve your and your business’s performance. Often, social proof can provide insights if they can effectively support your success. Feel free to ask for access to one of their customers- they should be able to provide this for you.

If you want to work 1-1 with a coach, I strong encourage you to create a list of 5-7 questions to learn about their overall background (to assure they have background you need), their overall philosophies about life and business, (to assure they are a good personal fit for you), their expertise according to what your specific solution requirements (to assure they have the skills and capabilities you need), and their coaching style/approach (to assure you feel comfortable with them guiding you). By doing this, you know if you have a good fit and they can simplify and guide your business brilliance.

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