Don't Wait to Hire Maggie!

Maggie Mongan has changed the way I approach developing my business and marketing my company. The method she taught me to create my vision has brought wonderful actionable clarity and taken my profit to new heights. Her system is unique, practical, and direct all while being simple to apply.

Maggie coached me to bring out my authentic voice to create a flow in my marketing program. Now, my company is accelerating and attracting the right clients. My marketing is Brilliant! Maggie is App-Solutely fabulous to work with and her coaching has made a huge impact on my bottom line.

We Simplified My Whole Business & I Enjoy Working Again!

Maggie Mongan of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. has been a Godsend for my business. Brilliant indeed! As a business coach, she has earned my utmost respect.

Through her guidance, I have revamped and simplified my entire business into streamlined processes and systems that make sense. We’ve also developed client milestone checkpoints throughout my business process, and fine-tuned my marketing messages. All this has helped me serve my clients with excellence and restored my enjoyment of my work. Whew, and wow!

The Becoming of a Brilliant CEO

I remember very clearly why I hired Maggie. When I shared with her where I was in my business, the challenges, and my struggle to get traction, she said to me "that's because you need to start being a CEO and not someone who has a hobby business". It was at that moment that I knew she would help me transform my thinking. I thought I WAS being a CEO, but clearly I had room to grow! And that's exactly what she helped me do.

Over the course of our 3 years of working together, she helped me understand my vision, understand what my marketplace truly needed, and transform my mindset into one where self-leadership helped guide me to success. There were many mental and emotional blocks from my previous business experiences that Maggie enabled me to work through to position myself as a CEO - leading a growing company.

From Can’t Keep the Doors Open to a Full Book of Business

When I started working with Maggie, I had three clients. Now I have thirteen and I am not actively looking for more. Much of that is due to Maggie’s coaching. The results speak for themselves.

From Confused & Stuck to Clarity supporting Practical Actions to Launch:

Maggie is the business coach for my new small start-up and she has guided me through the grinding process of refining my offerings, helping me clarifying what it was that I really want to share and where my true passion lies. For a long time, I had been in a limbo of confusion but thanks to Maggie’s approach to coaching we had awesome breakthroughs already in our first session.

I have struggled for a long time to find courage to move, have a clear vision of purpose and the practical direction for the next steps in my professional life. This feeling of being stuck was lifted away very quickly and the ideas started to flow. Within a very short period of time, I was ready to move into the next phase of becoming a business owner.

Maggie has been an amazing coach to me, a great help in achieving clarity, and a resourceful discussion partner. I have been very fortunate in getting to know Maggie and her methods. She is very different from a lot of consultants out there. She helps me get results. Her methods of creating from the heart make amazing breakthroughs happen.

She has given me courage to step into my creation and I can’t wait to continue my collaboration with her. For the first time, I truly understand the value of having a coach!

Ranni Belt Partner at Raised Vibrations

I Was Stuck in a State of Confusion and Now I'm Raising the Bar and Making Impact!

When I first started working with Maggie I was juggling 3 businesses, and trying to share a vision I’ve been working with anyone who would listen. Unfortunately, I left most people very confused.

Now I have my ideal client and business vision dialed in. I’m consistently attracting the right clients into my business and working with a much higher caliber of professionals. Thanks to Maggie’s continued guidance, I’m now able to make a greater impact. It's a good life!

From Overwhelmed to a Clear and Aligned Business Direction

I felt overwhelmed with ideas and struggled to move my business forward. Maggie helped me clarify my purpose, vision, and mission so that I am focused on what's really important to me. Now my business direction and messaging are clear and aligned. I am so grateful for her help!

The Promise Land- Don’t Deny Yourself Your Future

After eight months working on my at home business I was seeing NO results. In just three short months of working with Marguerite/Maggie, I put $10,000.00 in commissions on the books, and $700,000.00 in additional revenue into my pipeline. The system we developed worked so smoothly that I almost didn’t realize I attained my monthly productivity goal in only my third month of coaching!

I put up every barrier possible between myself and success. Coach could identify them quickly and show me the way to the promised land. Don’t deny yourself your future. Make the investment in yourself. It will be well worth it.

Hedy Foster HelmsBriscoe

Honored to Recommend My Coach to You:

I am honored to recommend my personal and executive coach, Marguerite Mongan. Marguerite has been my coach since 1998. Our initial connection was by “chance”, however, that chance meeting was one of the most fortunate days of my life!

When I first met Coach, I was a young sales guy attempting to break into and make a name for myself in the business world… because of her tutelage and partnership I was recognized as the “Rookie of the Year”! Now many years later, and no longer a rookie, because of her investment in me, today I am a successful business executive.

Over the years she has coached me to many of my personal goals. Example of results:

  • Compensation – My personal comp has increased over 75%.
  • Business – With her every step of the way, I started my own business and grew it into a profitable million dollar business, before it was sold.
  • Team building – With Coach’s assistance I learned how to hire “A” players for our team.
  • Additionally, we wrote a comprehensive training program, and grew the team to be at the top in the business.

For 10 years I have listened to her advice and critiquing and can honestly testify that she has not once lead me in the wrong direction. She has a very “common-sense” approach that has challenged me to step back and look at myself as a: Person, Husband, Father, and Business Leader.

Today I wear many hats (and have actually drawn pictures of them) and my activity affects many people. In every decision I make, she has taught me to recognize the impact on every aspect of my life both personally and professionally. I could never say enough about the “Brilliant Life” she can coach you to, and the one that I enjoy.

I am proud to recommend, with highest accolades, Marguerite Mongan and the “Blessings of Living Brilliantly”! A million times thank you for investing in me!

John Hunter Executive Recruiter of ProTech Systems Group Inc.

Prep and Refinement for Next Opportunities

Maggie assisted me with the process of a successful job search a few years ago. Her expertise included a review of my resume(s), strategies for attracting the “right” job, interview role-playing and job offer negotiation techniques. Her support, advice and recommendations assisted me in achieving all my goals.

Meg McNally Former President of Bowheart Business Strategies, LLC

Relieved Workaholic President

I have owned and operated a Real Estate Appraisal company since 1989. Over time, I became addicted to making money and allowed myself to become a workaholic. I was completely out of balance. There wasn’t time for family, friends, or hobbies. For me there wasn’t a difference between a Tuesday and a Saturday, since I was working every day any how. At one point, I even went 3 years without taking a vacation. Yes, I had a nice bank account, but I was miserable. I wanted to close my business, although I didn’t have a back-up plan. I was stuck. I needed results fast!

Then I met Marguerite/Maggie Mongan and enrolled in her “Excuse Me, You Life is Waiting” program. Now, I now make time for all the important things life has to offer. I am making just as much money as I ever did; however, now I am a more complete person. Each day I am devoted to making and taking time for myself; just being still and remembering how blessed I am while experiencing a life that leads me to be an extension of the Creator.

Thank you, Marguerite, for showing me how to bring joy and happiness back into my life.

Tom Coley President of Argent Appraisal Services, Plymouth, MI

Working with Coach was Life Changing for Me

Working with Coach was life changing for me. I worked from a home office and struggled with balancing my job as a wife, mother, and professional. Before I received the guidance from Coach Maggie, I felt like I was running in circles and not doing anything well.

Coach helped me to establish attainable goals in all areas of my life and identify road blocks in obtaining those goals. She was instrumental in assisting me with a game plan to remove those road blocks and improve productivity. With her help, I was able to identify specific skills I needed to improve my game and directly impact my bottom line. Her guidance allowed me to increase my overall productivity and realize where I should focus my energy.

After working with Coach my time management skills improved, resulting in more deals closed and more time with my family. Mt results were phenomenal! I was able to become a successful business woman and mother at the same time. My profits increased, as a direct result of her “coaching” and side by side assistance in improving my sales strategy and client relations.

Thanks to her dedication and honest, forthright approach to professional coaching, I have moved into the most rewarding position of my lifetime. Now I am recognized as a successful professional throughout my industry by customers and peers, and more importantly I feel like I am able to balance my career and my responsibilities as a dedicated mother and wife.

Chris Wright Teacher, Paragould, AR

From CEO Burn-Out to Serving with Joy

WOW! After my first session with Marguerite/Maggie, my life started shifting and changing for the better. The insights from our sessions continue to flow and I am easily able to incorporate them into my work and personal life. They say that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. This has been my experience…

I was facing extreme burnout as a CEO. I was just able to maintain minimum work requirements, and it was carrying forward into my family as well. Life was not enjoyable, just work and toil. I extend my deepest gratitude to you Marguerite for the sustained Peace that is flowing into my life. Even my health has improved tremendously. The results are clear: each year my job performance and bottom line improve substantially. I now have great joy as I serve this corporation.

What a pleasure Life can be with a little guidance from a Brilliant Executive Angel!

Lisa Teubel President/CEO of Data Graphics, Inc.

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