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Rescue Coaching: For Small Business Owners

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Rescue Coaching Saves

Tired of Living Your Professional Fate Day-in and Day-out?
Do you have a messy issue you’d like to clean up now?
Are you ready to explore Transforming YOUR Destiny?

Question: Do I need Rescue Coaching?

Answer: Are you frustrated because the life you are living isn’t what you envisioned? Are you stuck because you are living a life you don’t want to be living any longer? Have you become unmotivated and aren’t any fun to be around? Are you feeling like an imposter – in your own life? Tired of the never-ending list of “to-dos” you have to fulfill? Everyone always expects you to excel at everything and you already know it isn’t possible to be an expert at everything, right?

Have you answered yes to these questions or they stopped you enough to deeply reflect? If so, you are ready for Small Business Owners Rescue Coaching.

Question: What are the results of Rescue Coaching?

Answer: Endless personal awareness as to what your current circumstances are, accepting the circumstances you are currently living and why this is important, and then acting upon how to create more favorable outcomes for yourself, family, and/or business.

The action step is where the greatest reward is actualized. The beauty of this technique is that once you experience it, you can apply it to anything in your life – for the rest of your life!

Question: What is Rescue Coaching?

Answer: One of the most powerful straight-forward breakthrough techniques you will experience in just three simple steps. Really, it’s just three clear steps to your brilliant breakthroughs. I promise the unwavering success is in the simplicity of this process!

Yet, the mechanics of the three steps are beyond simple. It’s the depth of the discovery of each step which creates the power of relief for your rescue process. The official Rescue Coaching Process was created by Drayton A. Boylston of The Rescue Institute; Marguerite or Maggie has been trained by Drayton in The Rescue Coaching Process.

Question: What are the three steps of Rescue Coaching?

◊ Step One: Assessing your circumstances/experience. This step offers you a real-time look into “The Mirror of Your Life or Business” regarding any particular or all aspects of your life to unearth what is really occurring in your life right now.

Explorations may include one particular aspect in which you wish to have a brilliant breakthrough or you may explore all the following: physical, mental, financial, career, spiritual, or relationship (social). This first step is one of true awareness.

◊ Step Two: Owning your circumstances/life. This step offers you the opportunity to look at what is holding you back AND fully owning what you have created. The process of this step is the key to creating new thoughts, choices, and actions to bring about different results in your life.

Yet, the most important part of this is realizing that where you are today is a direct result of all your thoughts, choices, and actions of the past. Currently, does your life match your vision and core values? If not, well, you’re not alone and there is relief! Let’s see just what type of stumbling blocks you have allowed to enter into your realm so we can blast, remove, or simply go around them.

◊ Step Three: Acting to create a new set of circumstances in your life. This sounds easy, and with some coaching it really can be painless. Yet remember, a guide or Rescue Coach is what can carry you through the more difficult times of this journey. OK, now that you have taken a snapshot of your life (Step 1), and owned your role in being a fabulous creator of all you have experienced thus far (Step 2). What’s your next step? Action!

Remember, nothing happens, or changes, until an action is taken. So action is your next step to bringing your “Field of Dreams” into your reality! Through this step your Coach assists and supports you in choosing the most beneficial actions for your specific circumstances. Watch out for this one because this Coach will not let you off the hook! So get ready for significant multi-potent results from this simple and deep process.

NOTE: This process is to “clean up” something that you would like to remove from your life either personally or professionally. With great detail, it intensely focuses on the “issue” you would like resolved.

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Why does Coach Maggie find Rescue Coaching
extremely beneficial?

Once upon a time… Maggie needed rescuing from the life she created… especially when it was professionally driven! Yet, this type of service wasn’t available back then. This is a great way to transform your personal fate into professional destiny!

This 3-step breakthrough process of Rescue Coaching will help you clean up a messy issue. We will assess your circumstances, fully understand them, and create practical and tactical action items.  Wouldn’t you like to experience peace-filled productivity that’s prosperous?

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