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                             All 5 Volumes of the #1 Bestselling Business Book Series for Small Businesses.

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It all started with a book or 5!

Ready to learn how to win BIG at Small Business in the 21st century?

The purpose of the series is to help the underserved Small Business Sector win BIG in the 21st century. We introduce you to 30+ business experts who are practical and tactical and only deliver their A-game to you. Our Expert Authors share their best so you can become your best.

The #1 Bestselling Business Book Series for Small Businesses, "Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner Volumes 1 - 5", includes 5 volumes designed to support entrepreneurs and small business owners to simplify success and shine brightly. 

Excerpt from Scott Shilling's Foreword in Volume 5:

"Maggie Mongan is a skillful leader who has assembled category experts to share their very best imformation possible, actional steps that are current, effective, and efficient that, in turn, will help you take any challenges in your business head-on. ... Brilliant Breakthroughs [volume 5] has the answers to so many potential challenges and situation; you'll be glad you made the decision to read it . .  and the entire series. I encourage you to do so immediately!"

Scott Schilling, Executive Coach, International Trainer & Speaker
Multi-time Best Selling Author

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BrilliantBizBook Resources:
250+ Podcast Episodes

We took the wisdom-sharing to the next level by creating a podcast dedicated to our 30+ Expert Authors. They share more about what they wrote about in their chapter and then share the next level of fresh perspectives regarding their topic. The brilliant conversations will keep you coming back for more so your business can shine brightly!

BrilliantBizBook Resources: Small Business Mobile App

This century’s business success is going to be determined by which businesses will be able to build strong relationships with their customers. Having a mobile app keeps your business in the palm of your potential and active customers.

What's in the Free BrilliantBizBook mobile app?

  • An interactive Community Page for Small Business Owners (tips, tricks, links, events). And much more!
  • All of our podcast episodes (250+ episodes) showcasing our authors' brilliance.
  • Bios of our authoring teams, AKA: Brilliant Practicing ExpertsTM and their social handles.
  • Ask an Expert provides direct access to all of Brilliant Practicing ExpertsTM.
  • Explanation of the Book Series and links to purchase each volume or the series.

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