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Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Illustrates: Celebrates delivering 800th blogpost to Small Business Owners.

Brilliant Breakthroughs celebrates 800 blogposts to support your small business success

Brilliant Breakthroughs celebrates 800 blogposts to support YOUR Small Business Success 800 blogposts isn’t the easiest things to create. OK I take that back, it could be if it were rantings of fluff, which this blog isn’t at all. Designing a continuous message to serve you, to support YOUR Business Success, has been a grand […]

Defining YOUR Ideal Customer is Crucial To Business Success. Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Business Coaching

Improving your sales through better defining Your Ideal Customer Profile

Improving Your sales through better defining Your Ideal Customer Profile YOUR Ideal Customer Profile being defined can make or break YOUR Business’s Success! The Small Business Owners (SBOs) who don’t take the time to do this lose sales all over the place. Let me share how important this is to YOUR Business.. In the past […]

Settling for failure depicted with tug of war game not ending well.

Are you settling for failure too often?

Are you settling for failure more often than you want to be… Business Owners-Leaders are notoriously known for settling for failure rather than attaining success. Did you know this? What’s even more fascinating is how failure impacts YOUR Business Performance more than you might think. When people fear failure they don’t even take the actions […]

Invitations to improve is depicted by a young women standing in a forest in fall and choosing which path to take in the deeply wooded forest.

Invitations to Improve Business Performance

Invitations to Improve Business Performance are Everywhere! Are you seeking them? Invitations to business performance improvements occur often. Are you noticing them? Sometimes they are a blinding flash of the obvious. That’s usually when you notice them. At other times they are subtle. When invitations present themselves, it may be time for a change. Potentially […]

Allocating Resources is depicted by two girls walking over large fallen tree for bridge. One sitting to ponder the view.

Allocating Resources to Support Business Goals

Allocating Resources Appropriately Supports YOUR Goals Allocating resources, appropriately, is a game change for most businesses to meet or crush their goals. Are you meeting or crushing your goals? We’re beyond the half way point of the year’s production. Are you and your team delivering what your business needs to have an awesome year? My […]

Maggie's hand typing a keyboard with fireworks and "Happy 4th Blogging Anniversary Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc!"

Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc. Celebrates 4 Years of Blogging

Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc. Celebrates 4 Years of Blogging Happy 4th Blogging Anniversary Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc.! Brilliant Breakthroughs Inc. is pleased to serve you, Business Owners and Business Leaders, for the past 4 years with purpose-driven and value gaining blog posts. But it wasn’t always this way… I remember how I had absolutely no clue what […]

Surfer at the top of a wave dipicting the importance of knowing your exit strategies.

Exit Strategies: why should you have one?

 Exit Strategies: Why Should YOU Have One? What is an Exit Strategy? Do Exit Strategies Matter? Do YOU Need an Exit Strategy? Exit strategies have become a hot topic again! I suspect it’s because of shows similar to Shark Tank and all the Angel Investor and Fast Pitch Competitions occurring. Instead of the traditional manner […]

Strengths and Weaknesses Knowing YOURS Matters

Strengths and Weaknesses: Do you know YOURS? Strengths and Weaknesses are two elements of the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, Threats) Analysis, which assists you in understanding the effectiveness of YOUR Business. This assessment is officially titled The SWOT Situational Analysis. If you are a solo-entrepreneur or a large organizations this tool will serve you well. […]

Balancing Professional Activities

   Balancing Professional Activities: Managing Performance of Multiple Jobs Are you finding yourself balancing professional activities? Have you been become a great juggler? How can you make sure you aren’t dropping any balls? Balancing professional activities can become another full-time job for those who are working a full-time job and building their own business after […]

Purpose reflects our innate gifts

Purpose is a reflection of our innate gifts Do you know the power you already have? Are your exploring your innate gifts? Do you know how your innate gifts support your purpose/vocation? Purpose…. “what is my purpose?” is a commonly asked question when one senses there is something “more” or “grander” just waiting for them […]