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Core values support your business growth

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc._ Core Values illustrated by male figurines digging into an apple's core.
Keep digging to find YOUR Core Values and they will attract great customers to YOUR Business.

Core values support
your business growth

Core Values aren’t commonly discussed in business settings of small business owners (SBOs). This fascinated me, because other than needing a particular product or service, I believe a majority of purchases are based on Core Values. Accepting this Discovery Process and following through can significantly boost YOUR Business’s Performance

What are core values?

Core values are intrinsic. They are your primary values. Your core values are much more than your typical values – this set of values go much deeper.

These values are unwavering and always guide you. You may be honoring them without any conscious thoughts. They run deep within our mental programming to guide our thoughts and actions.

The good news is you created your own core values. As you grew up you gained life experiences which you registered as favorable and unfavorable. Over time this helps create certain aspects of your personality. A good example: If you had an experience which impacted you about tenderness or someone honoring something and it deeply touched you, reverence may be one of your core values. These words have unspoken depth – they speak to you at your core.

How do you know which values are yours?

You have many experiences throughout your life which may bring about your core values. Some have more impact than others. When I help people with this, they usually have 10 words that are very attractive to them. This is only the beginning.

Note: Sometimes their words are what they would like to experience. If you’re yearning for something, you don’t contain it within. Thus, it isn’t a core value.

Through a distillation process of contemplation, identifying your 3 core values occurs. These 3 have always been evident throughout your life. The hardest part about this discovery process is to be patient and stay with it. These values are so deep and innate to you that you may not even notice them at first. Stay with this and you will be rewarded with identifying them.

What does this have to do with business?

Typically SBOs have their business, or set up a business in a manner, that reflects their personality, ethics, morals, etc. This is one of the things that makes YOUR Business unique and attractive to customers.

Your naturally gravitate toward others, and businesses, who have similar (core) values to yours. Don’t you?

If you have a core value of authenticity, chances are you will gravitate toward other people and businesses who are authentic and/or transparent. They lay it on the line and you appreciate it. Chances are you will engage with them and probably purchase from them when you have a need for their offering. 

Good news: We already behave this way. Wouldn’t it be advantageous to learn what your core values are for your business and allow them to shine? 

This could be YOUR Business’s unspoken magnetic pull. Perhaps even YOUR Business’s Know, Like, & Trust Express Highway (TM). How do you like that?!?

Next Steps: Take time to consider which values are most important to you. Spend a little time over the next couple weeks pondering and whittling down your list until you have three.

Then start infusing those 3 values into your communications with your marketplace and customer conversations. There will be a shift. Your current customers will become more loyal and potential customers will gracefully become customers.

What type of core values do you appreciate seeing a business express? Please share in the comments section – I’ll be sure to respond.


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