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Are you hiding from your potential business?

Are you hiding from your potential business? Far too often I notice Small Business Owners hiding from their potential business. What do I mean by this? There’s two points: not placing your contact information on your website and not being accessible both in person and virtually. Answer Your Business Phone When It Rings When people […]

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3 point mid-quarter small business performance check-in

3 Point Mid-Quarter Small Business Performance Check-In Mid-Quarter Check-ins are one of my favorite business activities. Well, next to seeing a client’s face light-up when they understand why they’ve had a gap in their business’s performance. These check-ins allow you to identify what is impeding upon your business’s success rate. Additionally, when you do this […]

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The power of owning a relationship in business

The power of owning a relationship in business Owning a relationship supports your business’s performance. Most Small Business Owners (SBOs) need to own another five relationships immediately. It appears owning a relationship has become a lost art over the past 20 years. There is a whole generation who doesn’t understand what this is and how […]

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Answer your phone when your business line rings

Answer your phone when  your business line rings Answer your phone Small Business Owners! You don’t know how much business you are turning away because you aren’t answering your business phone when it rings. You are losing business opportunities! This is all about how phone rings can equate to cash register rings. I recently met with […]

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Your Customer Journey Experience Should Add Value

Your Customer Journey Experience Should Add Value Does your customer journey add value to what you are offering YOUR Customers? If so, congratulations. If not, now is the time to create a new strategy to improve YOUR Business’s Performance. Over the past 5 – 10 years, the focus on advancing business has been placed on […]

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Developing better relationships for business success

Developing Better Relationships for Business Success Developing better relationships doesn’t have to be difficult – unless you want it to be. Many find business relationships are easier to develop than personal relationships. I agree! If you aren’t sure if you’re effectively developing better relationships, just look at your revenue stream or streams. Revenue streams indicate […]

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Your business growth requires a sounding board

Your business growth requires a sounding board Do you have a sounding board to support You and Your Business’s Growth? If not, it’s time to find one! Often, I have Small Business Owners tell me how lonely they are doing their job. At times they may be isolated for a days or even weeks. Sometimes […]

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Start fresh to better support your business

Start Fresh to Better Support YOUR Business Start fresh – it’s a common theme at the beginning of any new year. Are you “turning over a new leaf” this week? If so, you’re like many. Yet I ask: Why wait for the calendar to indicate it’s time to start something new? YOUR Business’s Performance requires […]

Other's peoples agenda may be ruining your small business success rate.

Other people’s agenda versus yours

Other people’s agenda versus yours Other people’s agenda often drive our agendas. Why? There’s several reasons why this happens. Often Small Business Owners don’t even see this seeping into their schedule. Are you running your agenda or other people’s agenda (OPA)? What makes their agenda more important than yours? You!  OK, I’m going to keep […]

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1 Expert Power Move to Simplify Small Business Success

1 Expert Power Move to Simplify Small Business Success! Are you ready to create different results for your Small Business with 1 Expert Power Move? Then November 14, 2018 will be your game-changer of a day! Why? That’s the day the book “Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner – Vol 2: Fresh Perspectives on Profitability, […]