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Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Image: unleashed our home page of our app: BrilliantBizBook.

Unleash Your Mind, Unleash Small Business Growth

Unleash Your Mind and YOUR Small Business Growth Unleash YOUR Small Business Growth by learning what the power of a strong and economical mobile app can do to improve YOUR Business Performance. On November 8, 2017 a group of 10 Brilliant Practicing ExpertsTM  lead by Maggie, will be releasing their book to coincide with National Entrepreneurs […]

Are you missing out on how Storytelling attracts ideal customers to YOUR Business? Don't wait any longer!

Storytelling successfully attracts ideal clients to your business

Storytelling Successfully Attracts Ideal Customers to YOUR Business Storytelling successfully attracts all sorts of things. One of the most powerful things storytelling can attract for YOUR Business is Ideal Customers. When you do this well, it launches YOUR Business’s Success to new heights! We’re all attracted to stories. Stories have been told since ancient times. Storytelling […]

Right appointments illustrated by Kermit the frog holding an old style phone.

Getting the right appointments with the right people

Getting the right appointments with the right people to catapult your business Do you know how to make the right appointments? Are you looking for more business? Do you have trouble reaching the right people? Good business connections depend upon you getting the right appointments with the right people. There’s plenty of people out there, […]

Business Balance depicted by female military personnel crawling across rope with great determination and focus.

Balance Business Activities in 5 Simple Steps

Balance YOUR Business Activities to place yourself on the right path for success: Balance is tricky sometimes. Do you have a balancing act? Have you been delivering balanced business activities? Are you looking to balance your business activities each week? Balance is a hot topic this week! Why? It is the week of the Vernal (Autumn) […]

Book cover of Book being reviewed in Blog post: 5 Kick-Ass Strategies Every Business Needs.

5 Kick-Ass Business Strategies Book Review

5 Kick-Ass Business Strategies Book Review Written by Robert Grede of The Grede Company 5 Kick-Ass Business Strategies Every Business Needs is an outstanding book! I know the author personally. He is an exceptional man. I’ll share what I’ve noticed about this book: it’s a great book for start-ups and next level business owners. Grede […]

Allocating Resources is depicted by two girls walking over large fallen tree for bridge. One sitting to ponder the view.

Allocating Resources to Support Business Goals

Allocating Resources Appropriately Supports YOUR Goals Allocating resources, appropriately, is a game change for most businesses to meet or crush their goals. Are you meeting or crushing your goals? We’re beyond the half way point of the year’s production. Are you and your team delivering what your business needs to have an awesome year? My […]

Steve Jobs: The Innovation Secrets Book Review

Steve Jobs Wisdom for Business Owners: Book Review of “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs” Steve Jobs was an extraordinary individual who marched to the beat of his own drum! Yesterday would have been his 60th birthday. Many people thought Steve Jobs was a genius. In many aspects I agree, but I reference genius differently. […]

Focus More on Purpose according to Will Smith

Focus More on Purpose: Tips for next week! ” I view myself as slightly above average in talent. And where I excel is a ridiculous, sickening work ethic.” ~ Will Smith “Focus More on Purpose” Awareness: Our “Focus more on purpose” topic is inspired by Will Smith. As I write this, the day before it’s […]

Successful Business Mindset Helps You Deliver

Successful Business Mindset Matters: Tips for next week! “Nothing binds you except your thoughts; nothing limits you except your fear; and nothing controls you except your beliefs.” ~Marianne Williamson Your “Successful Business Mindset” Awareness: Having a Successful Business Mindset is paramount to anything else you do to guide your business! Yes, I am aware this […]

Maximizing Performance Impedes Your Progress

Maximizing Performance What do you need to know about maximizing performance? Do you know the pitfalls of maximizing performance? How can you optimize performance? Maximizing performance of yourself and your business isn’t an easy task. I personally believe that it is because maximization should NOT be our goal! Why would a coach who is all […]