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Storytelling successfully attracts ideal clients to your business

Storytelling successfully attracts illustrated by 3 young and happy boys gathering around a fire.
Are you missing out on how Storytelling attracts ideal customers to YOUR Business? Don’t wait any longer!

Storytelling Successfully Attracts
Ideal Customers
to YOUR Business

Storytelling successfully attracts all sorts of things. One of the most powerful things storytelling can attract for YOUR Business is Ideal Customers. When you do this well, it launches YOUR Business’s Success to new heights!

We’re all attracted to stories. Stories have been told since ancient times. Storytelling successfully attracts one’s imagination or satisfies one’s curiosity. It’s also a very effective form of communication.

Storytelling successfully attracts ____ for you:

Storytelling successfully attracts the right people to you. Couldn’t YOUR Business benefit from more of YOUR Ideal Customers knocking on YOUR Business’s Door? Sure it would!

Today’s trending of YouTube video viewing is nothing short of spectacular. Video is the modern format of storytelling. Videos were hot even 10 years ago – just not as common. I saw a documentary about YouTube a couple months back. The founders shared a story of their surprise when they needed to scurry to find more servers to hold all the videos being uploaded. Videos are everywhere today.

What does this mean for Small Business Owners?

This means endless stories are everywhere today. Are you telling YOUR Business’s Story? Do you share YOUR Customers’ Success Stories? Are you sharing how your offerings can improve YOUR Ideal Customers’ World?

This is a powerful communication tool to support YOUR Business. Storytelling successfully attracts YOUR Ideal Customers if you do it well. Of course, you must have a really good handle on YOUR Ideal Customer profile. As I’ve been revamping my own business, I’m appreciating the power of declaring who my Ideal Customer is and how to effectively communicate with them. Watch out! My videos are about to start.

Business Resource Tip:

Want to learn how effective storytelling attracts ideal clients to YOUR Business? You should be listening to Tony Gnau of T60 Productions. Tony is highly acknowledged in his field with winning 3 Emmy Awards, 5 Associated Press Awards, and 13 Telly Awards. As you can imagine, he is a great communicator. Tony is the master you want to teach you about effective storytelling.

When can you hear Tony weaving the golden gossamers of his wisdom? Sept. 30, 2016 at Wisconsin Business Owners, Milwaukee Area. He’s presenting at a Lunch and Learn and I’m sure it’ll be a full house!

REMEMBER: Storytelling successfully attracts YOUR Ideal Clients. They’re hungry for solutions. If you don’t feed them, someone else will.

What’s holding you back from using storytelling to boost YOUR Business’s Performance? Please comment section let me know what other topics you’d like for me to write about!


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  1. I agree that storytelling is very important for business. I am in the process of working on my own story(s). What I found very interesting is that one of the first things he talked about, after he told his story, was how your photograph tells a story. It is really the first story because it is usually the first thing people see online. Tony was informative and funny!

    Stacy Kaat Photographer

    1. Tony shared some invaluable information for everyone to express their business well. I agree with that statement too! That’s why next month I’m working with a pro ( to tell my story(s) through photography. I’m excited to step into that type of storytelling too!

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