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independence day celebration of US Flag and fireworks

Independence Day and Your Business

Independence Day and Your Business Independence Day is today in The United States of America. Canada celebrated their Independence Day on July 1st. All these Independence Day concepts had me pondering about the independence of owning a business. Small Business Owners (SBOs) are seriously committed to the growth and increasing value of their business. This […]

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Is your marketing messaging attracting?

Is your marketing messaging attracting? Your marketing messaging is paramount to Your Business’s Performance. Its effectiveness determines if you amass revenue or have your revenue trickling.  Why the vast difference? Your marketing message is a magnet. It can attract or repel the people you choose to have as customers.  Creating attractive marketing messages isn’t difficult. […]

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Website analytics provide you with golden nuggets

Website analytics provide you with golden nuggets Website analytics are important to every Small Business Owner. Just because you haven’t looked at yours, doesn’t mean you won’t find valuable information to improve YOUR Business’s Performance. The fact that you don’t know what these analytics are revealing about your website’s performance is all the more reason […]

Goslings staying together.

The power of owning a relationship in business

The power of owning a relationship in business Owning a relationship supports your business’s performance. Most Small Business Owners (SBOs) need to own another five relationships immediately. It appears owning a relationship has become a lost art over the past 20 years. There is a whole generation who doesn’t understand what this is and how […]

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Engaging with your team boosts performance

Engaging with Your Team Boosts Performance Engaging with your team is no small feat! There are many people on your team and you need to be in relationship with each one of them. Finding the sweet spot of having a personable relationship in a professional setting often eludes business leaders, but it doesn’t need to […]

Swan practicing guiding leadership as she leads gray feathered babies.

We need great leaders to guide

We need great leaders to guide Great leaders aren’t born. Leadership is still a relatively new expertise; however, research consistently reveals leadership is a skill and capability. Don’t kid yourself. How effective you are as a leader tremendously impacts YOUR Business’s Performance! Granted we’ve had leaders since the beginning of time; however, leadership is a […]

Two faces in background with the word feedback in the middle to help develop better relationships

Developing better relationships for business success

Developing Better Relationships for Business Success Developing better relationships doesn’t have to be difficult – unless you want it to be. Many find business relationships are easier to develop than personal relationships. I agree! If you aren’t sure if you’re effectively developing better relationships, just look at your revenue stream or streams. Revenue streams indicate […]

Aquaman with Trine and women

Aquaman: Business Movie Review

Aquaman: Business Movie Review “Aquaman” teaches business strategies of  Advances, Negotiations, Partnerships Aquaman (2018) movie has received a great deal of accolades. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by a great story-line with phenomenal special effects and acting. The main character (Aquaman) is a born to a aqua Mom and human Dad. His Mom […]

Jingle All the Way Movie Poster. Two dads fighting over a Christmas toy for their sons.

Jingle All the Way: Business Movie Review

Jingle All the Way: Business Movie Review “Jingle All the Way” movie will teach  Small Business Owners business strategies of  Priorities, Being Proactive, and Agility Jingle All the Way (1996) is a classic good guy- bad guy Christmas movie wrapped up with a family struggling to be with one another more during the holiday season. Even though this […]