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Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Topic: Management 101 illustrated by team playing tug of war.

It’s all Management 101

It’s all Management 101 Management 101 and Business 101 is where most business students start their education. Why? It’s fundamental. These two topics directly impact YOUR Business’s Success and overall performance. It’s why they are the foundational teachings. Then, we begin to pile other topics and trainings upon them. They get lost in the “sophistication” […]

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Topic: Bias illustrated by colorful umbrellas.

Bias: Nature or Nurture?

Bias: Nature or Nurture? Bias, we all live with it. It does impact your life and business. Small Business Owners are influenced by this throughout their day.  The two questions I have for you: Are you aware how it impacts your business decisions? Do you understand it enough to work with it effectively? If you’re […]

2016 Olympians illustrated the a golden shimmering global map with a little medal label stating "Rio: 2016".

2016 Olympians model the pursuit of excellence for Business Owners

2016 Olympians model the pursuit of excellence for Business Owners The 2016 Olympians of the Summer Games gave us exceptional examples of excellence. They also revealed the power of pursuit. Some of the 2016 Olympians are more noteworthy than others. Two of the most memorable 2016 Olympians didn’t even win medals. Remember the two female […]

The Pursuit of Happiness for Business Owners by Illustrated by collage of images of: Declaration of Independence, The American Flag, and a staircase for upward mobility.

The Pursuit of Happiness and Successful Business Ownership

The Pursuit of Happiness and Successful Business Ownership The “pursuit of happiness” is a controversial phrase in The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. Back when this defining document was written, happiness had a different meaning than our hedonistic pleasure seeking contemporary meaning. In the 1700s happiness was a concept that today […]

Memorial Day Flag Code illustrated by a field of US Flags and a little boy, in a camouflage jacket saluting the flag.

Memorial Day Flag Code and Business

Memorial Day Flag Code and Business Memorial Day is a Day of Remembrance. The US Flag Code states something unique for Memorial Day. It is the only day of the year that there are different protocols for properly flying the US Flag. See here for more details: . What is Memorial Day Flag Etiquette? The US Flag […]

Motivational Support for Business Owners illustrated by photo of then President Reagan and Mary Lou Retton wearing her Olympic Medals. They are standing in front of other 1084 Olympians all wearing their red blazers.

Motivational Support for Success from a Golden Olympian

Motivational Support for Successful Business Ownership from a Golden Olympian: America’s Sweetheart Motivational Support comes in many different shapes and sizes. This time we’re talking about the pint-size gymnast, Mary Lou Retton, dubbed America’s Sweetheart. Business Owners can learn a great deal from a young gymnast, who achieved the gold. She knew how to optimize […]

Kung Fu Panda 3 movie poster illustrated by the big panda, Po balancing on one foot while grabbing and escape dumpling with chopsticks while baby pandas clinging on to their hero.

Kung Fu Panda 3 Business Movie Review

Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie (2016) Business Movie Review Kung Fu Panda 3: teaches the awesome business strategies of Losses, Agility, & Potentiality  Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016) is an exceptional movie to improve your Business Performance on many levels. Our panda hero, Po, is living up to his awesomeness potential once again! I admit, it was difficult […]

Year End Slow Down For Business illustrated by a man sitting onto of a rock he climbed with feet dangling over the side of elevated rock.

Year End Slow Down: Don’t do it small business owners

Year End Slow Down-itis? Don’t give in! Year End Slow Down-itis showing up already?!? Are you shutting it down too soon? Don’t you want to improve YOUR Business? Year End Slow Down is natural, but it isn’t always beneficial to YOUR Business Performance! Why are you going to shortchange YOUR Business now? STOP before you regret […]

Supporting our military through business illustrated through a women service member crawling across a rope.

Supporting our military with appreciation

Supporting our Military with Appreciation: Are you doing your fair share? Supporting our military needn’t be difficult for Business Owners. Today is Veteran’s Day, a national holiday of appreciation. I pose the question, “Are you doing your fair share of supporting our military?” By Supporting our Military YOU Strengthen YOUR Business As Business Owners this isn’t a […]

Staying on course to efficiently get to your destination depicted by sailboats lined up to start a race.

Staying on Course to Fulfill YOUR Business’s Purpose

Staying on Course to Fulfill YOUR Business’s Purpose- Not the easiest thing to do all the time! “We are still masters of our fate. We are still captains of our souls.” ~Winston Churchill Staying on course isn’t the easiest thing to do on any given day. Ask any Business Owner and they’ll tell you they […]