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Top Gun: Maverick movie (2022) is filled with business strategies for Business Owners to succeed in everyday business.

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Top Gun: Maverick (2022) won’t disappoint any original Top Gun movie fans. There are portions of the movie that will feel and even sound familiar, while most of it won’t. Why? It’s a story of the progression – the progression of Top Gun, Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. At times Maverick (Tom Cruise), advances, and other times he doesn’t. He is known for his love is flying and he’s the best Top Gun there is, but the rest of his life and career isn’t the best.

True to form, as we see Maverick testing to be the first pilot to take an aircraft to Mach 10, he has both victory and defeat! As does everything else throughout the storyline. We love cheering on the one and only pilot, who trains a team for a critical and urgent mission. Do Maverick’s past demons haunt him? Yes. Does he do both foolish and amazing maneuvers? Yes. No spoilers here!

If you’re interested in the Business Movie Review for the original Top Gun movie: just tap this link and you can see that review too!

As you read this review and watch the movie, come back, and leave a comment – let’s learn from one another! There are numerous parallels between Maverick’s experience and what Small Business Owners experience on a regular basis. There are many more strategies to help you achieve your success than the several I mention. Enjoy experimenting and applying the different strategies to improve your business success. 

Top Gun: Maverick Business Strategy #1

Mindset can make you sink or make you soar! You will choose your outcome based on your mindset. Imagine, you just said “Yes” to being a fighter pilot. Well, that’s pretty wild, isn’t it? It’s only wild if your mindset is believing so.

Rooster (Goose’s son) is dealing with the demons of his father’s death – just like Maverick did once upon a time. Rooster hesitates and doesn’t believe the impossible task they need to accomplish is possible. Echoing the first movie (when Viper told this to Maverick), Maverick schools Rooster, “… up there, you can’t think, just do.” The power of knowing that you’re prepared enough to handle an obstacle is critical for success – no matter how big or small the task is.

We can become our greatest adversaries as business owners. We surely don’t have the challenges of sheer physical and mental limits like the fighter pilots do – even though it sure feels that way at times! Think of something from your past achievement list. Did you think you could do it before you started it? Probably not, but every day you gained confidence by what you were able to incrementally achieve.

I’m starting two big and new projects. Do I know what I’m doing yet? No. Am I confident I will learn how to do it? Yes.  Since I saw this sequel, I have a new line I adopted. It’s when Maverick is standing in front of  Adm. Beau “Cyclone” Simpson, who puts Maverick in the lead of the team, Cyclone states, “Let’s try not to show me that you know how to get fired on the first day.” So, I flip the mindset to, “I can be a winner on my first day of trying this.”

Mindset Best Practice:
Performance requires one to be confident – even in the face of adversity. Ernest Hemingway said it best, “Be brave enough to suck as something new.” Regardless of the type of work you do, this approach will definitely build confidence.

Top Gun: Maverick Business Strategy #2

After mindset, it’s time to focus on training. I strongly suggest you start with yourself.  Good leaders (of people and projects) always spend more time training to improve their performance first.

Many people think training and research are unnecessary. I assure you, it is noticeable to others. A great quote about training to stay ahead of your competition occurs at the very beginning of the pilots training for the mission, “… assume you know the manual.. so does your enemy.” Ouch, that reality stings!

Knowing and being able to perform at the same level as others isn’t enough to succeed. Do you have the appropriate training and tools/gear to succeed? If not, get it. There’s no shame in leaning on resources – people and tools, to get the job done well.

If you have a strong mindset and training, you can trust your performance to achieve even if there are mistakes being made. You’ll cross the finish line favorably. Keep practicing!

Training Best Practice:
Protocols are to help everyone understand the necessary guidelines so we can perform well. Do you find yourself wanting to manipulate the appropriate performance rules? Don’t do it – others will see it as dangerous and not want to engage with you.

Top Gun: Maverick Business Strategy #3

There’s the famous adage about teamwork – that you’re only as strong as your weakest link. The weakest link can be a process, a tool, or a person’s capability. In this movie, the weakest link is three-fold: people, training, and equipment.

The team has to fly old aircraft to accomplish this task (I’m not saying why), the training for the team is lacking because they are highly competitive individuals to perform at this level and they don’t know how to collaborate well. Additionally, their mission requires them to function as high-performing individuals to synchronize their performance to achieve their team goal.

Last, the team’s mission needs to help them overcome their mindset of doing the impossible. There is a scene, when team is building camaraderie and blowing off some steam as they play a game together. Maverick is at one of his low points and Penny says to him, “They need you to teach them… they need you … training comes in many forms… jump in jet and show them how the impossible is possible.”

In business too, it’s the leader’s job to make sure the team understands the mission and how it’s possible to achieve it together.

Teamwork Best Practice:
Do your best to NOT overextend yourself. Push back appointments and dates to assure you have enough cushion between all your deliverables. This will help you keep your integrity and fulfill your promises.

FYI: You’re reading one of my innovations. Watching movies is my thing. I have the gift of seeing endless business strategies in movies. I’ve mashed sharing business strategies of movies into content to help my readers look at their business from a fresh perspective. It’s a great experiment! What’s yours?

Feel free to share in the comment section which one of the Business Strategies from the “Top Gun: Maverick” movie would serve YOU and YOUR Business best right now?

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