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Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. : Lead or Manage your business illustrated by women leading a running race of men.

Better to lead or manage your small business?

Better to lead or manage your small business? To lead or manage has become a hot topic again in business circles. What do you think, does your small business need you to lead or manage your business to perform best? Lead or Manage Vision Experiment Close one eye. Look around. Do you see everything? No. […]

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Customer Service illustrated by the words CUSTOMER and SERVICE in gray laying on top of each.

Secret to providing good customer service that rocks

Providing good customer service that totally rocks! Providing good customer service is a lost art. You should be developing this to improve YOUR Business Performance by gaining loyal customers and expanding your customer base. Are you? Ask any successful Small Business Owner (SBO) and they will tell you how good customer service supports their business […]

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. discusses the movie Hidden Figures. Illustration: The official Movie poster of the 3 main characters with a rocket launching behind them.

Hidden Figures: Business Movie Review

Hidden Figures movie teaches business strategies of Tolerance, Certainty, Continuous Learning, & Perseverance Hidden Figures (2016) movie is an exceptional movie revealing many different facets of humanity’s struggles. The main characters struggle with personal and professional exclusion during the 1960s. Undeniably, these women are trailblazers and extra-ordinary role models. This movie is not only a glimpse into Technology’s and NASA’s […]

New horizons illustrated by a man standing on a mountain bicycle on top of a mountain range.

New horizons and opportunities created by new projects

New horizons and opportunities are created by new business projects Is your calendar filled with plans that’ll take you to new horizons? Take another look – if you’re like most active Small Business Owners it is! Hopefully this is a reflection of YOUR Business’s growth or future growth. What if you aren’t stepping into new horizons? […]

Memorial Day Flag Code illustrated by a field of US Flags and a little boy, in a camouflage jacket saluting the flag.

Memorial Day Flag Code and Business

Memorial Day Flag Code and Business Memorial Day is a Day of Remembrance. The US Flag Code states something unique for Memorial Day. It is the only day of the year that there are different protocols for properly flying the US Flag. See here for more details: . What is Memorial Day Flag Etiquette? The US Flag […]

Your Actions illustrated by a group of people in a white water raft in rough waters all having to make their actions align with the mission.

Are your actions focusing on the successful outcome?

Are your actions focusing on the successful outcome? Your actions support your success and profitability. Then why do you spend most of your time meandering? Let’s get real for a moment. You already know what you are suppose to be doing to build and secure a successful and profitable business. Why aren’t your actions aligning […]

Improving critical skills in business illustrated by a frustrated women, who is holding her face in her hand. The image is a black and white and a close up.

Don’t hesitate on improving critical skills to suppport success

Don’t hesitate on improving critical skills to support Your Business’s Success Improving critical skills, or critical business skills are important for your effectiveness and efficiency. If you are able to accomplish what you need to complete in a stressful manner, you and YOUR Business wins! YOUR Business’s Success depends on this much more than you […]

Ending 2016 first quarter illustrated by a tree drawing with word rat the end of the branches relating to business success (sales, ideas, team, goals, etc) labelled in different colors..

How to Powerfully End 2016 First Quarter with Confidence

How to Powerfully End 2016 First Quarter with Confidence 2016 First Quarter is ending in 10 days. Yes, the performance of each week and month are measured and assessed as performance milestone. Yet each quarters’ performance metrics are key indicators of where you along your 2016 Business Success Path. The first quarter  is the first […]

Ending business on a high note is illustrated by a musical note bar and "2015" below it.

Ending business on a high note in 2015 for business owners

Ending Business on a High Note in 2015: Business Owners sharing great news! Ending business this year is phenomenally strong for many small business this year! Are you one of them? What is this Business Coach noticing as this year wraps-up? This year’s Business performance has been a mixed bag for some, but most are sharing how […]

Business Productivity Tips are illustrated by a gift wrapped in a golden bow.

Small Business Productivity Tips for the Holidays

Business Productivity During the Holidays: Don’t wait, just do it now! Do YOUR Business Productivity Levels drop during the Holidays? Are you confused what you should work on? Are YOUR Sales running strong? Business Productivity Levels typically tank for Small Businesses during the Holiday Season. Why? Small Business Owners tend to romanticize the Holiday Season […]