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Jump starting your business’s success is simple! Begin with planning.

Jump start a productive day
each workday

Jump start has a variety of thoughts attached to it. I typically envision cars needing a jump to start, or a defibrillator to help a person’s heart start working again. Your Small Business needs you to provide it with a daily jump start.

Are you providing yourself and your business with what you need to boost your success rate?

Most Small Business Owners (SBOs) are not giving their business, and themselves, what is essential to succeed. 

Do you?

SBOs tend to be prepared for many things: their wellness, family commitments, social outings, etc., all this is wonderful and inspires SBOs to fave a fulfilled life.

The other side of the coin is one that doesn’t consistently bring that same preparedness and planning into their small business.

Not planning your success allows it to wonder. You don’t hit your bulls-eye with confidence when you wonder.

Planning as a success strategy?

Greats like Brian Tracy, Stephen R Covey, Mark Twain, and many others discuss the power of planning. It is a success strategy.

Have you heard of planning as a success strategy? 

If you study any performance improvement or project planning, you’re already familiar with the concept. It is commonly discussed and some mentors have trainings around the technique. 

I’m amazed at how many SBOs don’t see planning and preparing as a success strategy. If you came from corporate, you know this is critical. If you are a parent, you too, know how essential this is.

I was blessed to learn this success strategy very early in my career. It seemed logical, so it became my part of my success formula. However, for the past 6 months of recovering from a Brain Trauma Injury (accident), I’ve been inconsistent with my planning. 

As I’m working on building my mental capacity again, I’m starting to realize how many SBOs aren’t producing at high levels on the right things because they are caught in busyness and don’t have a plan to achieve.

It’s strange for me to not have a solid plan to guide my tactics or execution throughout a day. Even though I’m just getting back into some consistent daily work again, I can finally relate to my clients not having a solid plan in place to guide their success.  (Would you like to guess what I’ll be developing today?)

Even more so, I now understand how many SBOs are busy doing many things all day long without accomplishing the necessities to progress. If this is you, planning can save your sanity!

Jump start your day with this one technique

If you want to improve your success rate, this one technique will have a dramatic and favorable impact: planning and preparation.

Planning and preparation are partners as a success strategy. They do have a different focus, but support eachother splendidly. They are the wine and chocolate combo of your business’ performance. Instead, consider them similar to your work-out and healthy breakfast to jump start your day!

Jump start with Planning

The secret to effective and efficient planning is the timing of when you do it. Planning is a real-time exercise, pulling from the past and current activities and wisdom, to assure your future goals and intentions are met.

Planning is an easy task when you are already immersed in the topic. Think of it as more efficient task to get to the gas station and put gas in your car when you have gas, than when you don’t.

Thus, do your planning for tomorrow, today. That’s right! Before you complete today’s work, take 10-15 minutes to plan out tomorrow’s schedule and activity load – today.

Today you’re mind is thinking about all these things – just take the next step and secure tomorrow’s success – today. 

Then, when you begin your day tomorrow, you won’t be wasting any energy on what you should do and when. It’s already planned and you can begin with taking appropriate action.

Now, if you want to take this a step further… prepare for tomorrow as well.

Jump start with Preparation

To support their planning activities, many people will spend another 10-15 minutes, today, getting prepared for tomorrow’s tasks/activities.

They will create a list, pull and attach ancillary notes and items to their tasks. 

Preparation example: If you have a business event on your schedule tomorrow, don’t wait until tomorrow to gather everything. Do it at the end of your day, today. Then when it’s time to leave for your event tomorrow, you can focus on your objectives instead of gathering things. You won’t be rushed and you’ll be more present. 

TIP: If you are working on something today that you know you’ll need for preparing for tomorrow’s plan, have a designated place (digital or physical) where you keep all those things. This will help your efficiency when you being your preparation. Digitally, I use Evernote for this. Physically, I have a space on a shelf for all this, unless I’m packing up a bag for an activity.

WARNING: This success strategy is so deceptively simple that you probably won’t try it or stay with it. Don’t sabotage your success! Implement this and make it one of your best practices.

Don’t wait any longer. Begin today! Jump start your tomorrow, and business’s success by planning before the day is over. This one Right Thought, couple with the appropriate Right Actions will boost your levels of accomplishment.

What are your thoughts around this? Feel free to answer in the comment section.


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