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Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. : Lead or Manage your business illustrated by women leading a running race of men.

Better to lead or manage your small business?

Better to lead or manage your small business? To lead or manage has become a hot topic again in business circles. What do you think, does your small business need you to lead or manage your business to perform best? Lead or Manage Vision Experiment Close one eye. Look around. Do you see everything? No. […]

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Business Movie Review Moneyball illustrated with Movie Poster of Oakland A's GM sitting in the stadium.

Moneyball: Business Movie Review

Moneyball: Business Movie Review Reviewing this movie will teach Small Business Owners business strategies of Problem Solving, Performance Patterns, & Being Creative. Moneyball (2011) is a true movie every Small Business Owner (SBO) should watch and study. It holds a myriad of great lessons to observe one person’s journey to turn around a business (team). […]

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. : Wolf-Pack Management illustrated by a dogsled team and musher.

Wolf Pack Management for Small Business Owners

Wolf Pack Management for Small Business Owners Wolf Pack Management… what the heck is that and how does it relate to Small Business Owners? Whether you’re a solopreneur or a small manufacturer, understanding wolf pack behavior will help your workflows and improve communications. Whether internal teams or outsourced teams, we all have them and they […]

Business Coaching of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Image illustrated the futuristic world of AVATAR and the peoples who live on Pandora.

AVATAR: Business Movie Review

AVATAR movie teaches business strategies of Resource Allocation, New Practices, & Integration Our beloved AVATAR (2009) is a cutting edge entertaining and educational futuristic movie. It’s story line, production, action, captivating visual environment is extra-ordinary. Not to mention the upcoming 3 sequels will be moving the story forward instead of a prequel sequence. It was fascinating to see […]

WALL-E movie teaches Small Business Owners to stay on task.

WALL-E Business Movie Review

WALL-E movie teaches business strategies of mission-focused, appreciation, and distraction WALL-E (2008) is a great family movie with a wide array of Business Strategies  in particular, appreciation and depreciation.  If you’re like me, the first time you watched Disney-Pixar’s WALL-E movie you were amused and the message to take care of the earth is obvious. […]

What Women Want movie poster illustrated bu Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson thinking with eachother....

What Women Want Business Movie Review

“What Women Want” teaches business strategies of Trust, Deep Listening, & Truth What Women Want (2000) is a powerful Business Strategies movie! This is a hilarious movie with many teaching moments for life and business. The story’s main character is Nick (Mel Gibson), an advertising executive who is extremely egotistical and a chauvinist. Additionally, he is divorced and […]

Memorial Day Flag Code illustrated by a field of US Flags and a little boy, in a camouflage jacket saluting the flag.

Memorial Day Flag Code and Business

Memorial Day Flag Code and Business Memorial Day is a Day of Remembrance. The US Flag Code states something unique for Memorial Day. It is the only day of the year that there are different protocols for properly flying the US Flag. See here for more details: . What is Memorial Day Flag Etiquette? The US Flag […]

Bedtime Stories (2008) movie poster with Adam Sandler's character looking at the adventurous stories he and the children create a bedtime.

Bedtime Stories Business Movie Review

Bedtime Stories (comedy) teaches business strategies of Limit limiting beliefs, Success isn’t enough, & Shortcuts aren’t always the answer! Bedtime Stories (2008) is an excellent Business Strategies movie! There were so many examples to relate to business it was amazing. What makes Bedtime Stories exceptional? Adam Sandler’s pure childlike simplicity that’s sheer genius. This is a well […]

Motivational Support for Business Owners illustrated by photo of then President Reagan and Mary Lou Retton wearing her Olympic Medals. They are standing in front of other 1084 Olympians all wearing their red blazers.

Motivational Support for Success from a Golden Olympian

Motivational Support for Successful Business Ownership from a Golden Olympian: America’s Sweetheart Motivational Support comes in many different shapes and sizes. This time we’re talking about the pint-size gymnast, Mary Lou Retton, dubbed America’s Sweetheart. Business Owners can learn a great deal from a young gymnast, who achieved the gold. She knew how to optimize […]

Adapting Business Plans illustrated with a mans hand with a marker drawing out an flow chart.

Adapting when executing plans fortifies your success

Adapting to the plans improves your odds of success Adapting is one of the capabilities humans have to survive. As a Business Owners are you adaptable as you need to be? Is you capability to adapt fortifying YOUR Business’s Success? Each day, YOUR Business’s Performance is impacted by your capability to keep things moving forward. […]