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Intentional SELF-Leadership Creates Success

What is Intentional SELF-Leadership?

Intentional SELF-Leadership impacts your success as gentle flowing water transforms the shape of a stone.

After I wrote a chapter on how “Success Starts with Intentional SELF-Leadership”, in the #1 Bestselling Book for Small Businesses, small business owners and entrepreneurs started reaching out to me and began asking me oodles of questions. I was elated because they understood how critical this is to their business’s success.

I assure you the impact it provides is grander than the credit you’ll ever give it – until you are a practitioner!

Let’s begin with some definitions for clarity

If you want to better understand leadership, and what it is and isn’t, we need to first understand a simplified definition of a leader. A leader is: “one who assumes a position and is responsible for influencing of others”.

Now let’s add a definition of leadership. Leadership is: “the influence of a person or team to guide another person or team”.

Intentional is defined as: “when done consciously or deliberately”.

The last definition for this post is influence. Influence is defined as: “to have an effect upon someone or something”.

Note: These definitions, as well as others defining different types of leadership and management, are from The Glossary of Chapter 5 of “Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner: Fresh Perspectives on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Finding Peace in your Business – Volume 5“.

So what is SELF-Leadership?

SELF-Leadership is all about you! Just like any significant transformation, it starts from within. I know you understand what I’m sharing. We all know statements like “Happiness is an inside job” or “Peace starts from within”. Why? It’s true. There are approximately 100 years of research validating the same is true for leadership too!

After conducting plenty of research, I have concluded that SELF-Leadership is defined as “An ongoing practice of advancing a leader’s thoughts, actions, and emotions to achieve desired outcomes”. I bet you’re nodding your head in agreement Good!

This last definition ups the game of leadership, doesn’t it? SELF-Leadership debunks the leadership myth of “you’re a leader if you turn around and see others are following you”. How so? Because you can be leading from a still point (oneself) or from the rear instead of the front. During podcast episode BB245: Intentional SELF-Leadership -Part 4 of the Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Podcast, I share a funny childhood story that debunks this leadership myth.

Through the ongoing practice of SELF-Leadership, leaders are being refined to the next level of leadership. It sure appears to be the quality control factor so leaders can become great leaders instead of becoming a dud, who is a leader by position and/or title only.

What is Intentional SELF-Leadership?

Intentional SELF-Leadership is the premiere leadership approach and practice. It means that a leader is conscientiously and deliberately practicing the advancement of their thoughts, actions, and emotions to achieve desired outcomes. This is like putting your vision and goals on steroids – and that’s why it delivers unconventional results!

Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Other than the self-management of the continual practicing aspect, it is pretty easy. Ok, after you learn how to do it! When I’m working with clients, I’m teaching them how to do this without a fancy name or process. I guide them to incorporate it into their daily practice of business ownership and it auto-magically happens 🙂

As I reflect upon 20+ years of business coaching, it’s evident that Intentional SELF-Leadership is the game changer for all types of business leaders. When practicing Intentional SELF-Leadership, you will function optimally and make better business decisions (life decisions too). You can do this because you are applying the ancient practice of Right Thoughts coupled with Right Actions to actualize your desired outcomes.

Is Intentional SELF-Leadership for all Business Leaders?

It can be for all leaders – tenured or new, solo entrepreneurs or corporate. The deciding factor is what are you willing to do to achieve the results you seek?

Does this mean every day is perfect and without glitches? No. Does it mean you will have a clear path and actions to your destination? Yes.

Is it worth the time to gain clarity and align your actions? Yes! Is it for leaders who are looking for a quick fix? No.

Intentional SELF-Leadership is for leaders interested in the long-term game, satisfying wins, and sustainable gains. My quote, “Slow down to accelerate.” is one of the methodologies applied to becoming a successful intentional leader. This transformational approach is very much like water flowing over a stone to give the stone a beautiful new shape.

When goals aren’t being met or frustrations occur, it’s common for leaders to look outwardly and sleuth what needs to change to generate better results. Instead, what if they first took a look inwardly to discover what changes may be beneficial?

It’s time for you to shine brightly as a leader!

If this seems practical to you, it’s time for you to learn more about Inward Leadership. It’s my version of Intentional SELF-Leadership 🙂  Tap here to go to the Inward Leader Page. When you do, I’ll email you the 10-Step Process to Practice Inward Leadership (no cost – yes, I’m that committed to helping others learn this). It’ll land in your inbox and then each week I’ll guide you through the next step until we complete all 10 steps.


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