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I have a special little quirky gift: I can watch a movie and regardless of what the topic is, I can convert/translate what I am viewing into a business lesson or strategy. So, I finally decided to share these with everyone. I think it would be more fun to see how a business strategy could unfold during a movie, than have to sit in a classroom and learn all about it. I encourage you to read the Business Movie Review prior to watching the movie so you can notice the particular points I share and then see how they relate to your specific situation. I usually review one movie each month- often times they are even older movies, but always have a timeless message attached to them. Sometimes I even do two in a month! Happy viewing :)

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Planting seeds illustrated by a farmer in the field with 2 horses plowing the field.

Planting Seeds of Success to Boost Small Business Sales

Planting Seeds of Success to Boost Small Business Sales Planting seeds is an ongoing activity all success Small Business Owners admit as essential to grow their business. Do you show up like a weekend gardener or a farmer? This is a very important question for you to answer truthfully. Why? The seeds you are planting […]

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Collateral Beauty movie poster illustrated by the faces of the movie's main characters.

Collateral Beauty: Business Movie Review

Collateral Beauty: Business Movie Review Reviewing this movie will teach Small Business Owners business strategies of Time, Love, and Death. Collateral Beauty (2016) is a movie that the critics got all wrong! Everyone, except the critics, said that it was exceptionally well written and acted. Many expressed the relevancy of it’s multi-potent messages of living […]


The Cobbler: Business Movie Review

“The Cobbler” movie teaches business strategies of Customer Commitment, Compassion, & Tradition “The Cobbler” (2014) movie is a family movie. This is another great movie with Adam Sandler at the helm. The Cobbler is a story about an Jewish cobbler (by the way Sandler means cobbler in Jewish) immigrant, whose neighborhood is being strong armed by thugs. Then […]

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. A Dog's Purpose Movie Poster with the Main Character teaching us what purpose is all about.

A Dog’s Purpose: Business Movie Review

A Dog’s Purpose movie teaches business strategies of Customer Service, Continuous Improvement, & Loyalty A Dog’s Purpose (2017) movie is a family movie. There are endless life lessons avail for our youth, teens, and adults about living, living well, and loss. The plot is one that moves you through different phases and challenges of life in a beautiful […]

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. discusses the movie Hidden Figures. Illustration: The official Movie poster of the 3 main characters with a rocket launching behind them.

Hidden Figures: Business Movie Review

Hidden Figures movie teaches business strategies of Tolerance, Certainty, Continuous Learning, & Perseverance Hidden Figures (2016) movie is an exceptional movie revealing many different facets of humanity’s struggles. The main characters struggle with personal and professional exclusion during the 1960s. Undeniably, these women are trailblazers and extra-ordinary role models. This movie is not only a glimpse into Technology’s and NASA’s […]

Business Coaching of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Image illustrated the futuristic world of AVATAR and the peoples who live on Pandora.

AVATAR: Business Movie Review

AVATAR movie teaches business strategies of Resource Allocation, New Practices, & Integration Our beloved AVATAR (2009) is a cutting edge entertaining and educational futuristic movie. It’s story line, production, action, captivating visual environment is extra-ordinary. Not to mention the upcoming 3 sequels will be moving the story forward instead of a prequel sequence. It was fascinating to see […]

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Business Movie Review illustrated with movie poster from Scrooged (1988).

Scrooged – Business Movie Review

Scrooged movie teaches business strategies from the Three Ghosts of Christmas Our beloved Scrooged (1998) is a great modern take on Charles Dicken’s Christmas classic A Christmas Carol. Even though it says it’s a PG-13 movie I’m not so sure it is for the young ones. Frank Cross is a wildly successful president of a TV […]

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. The movie Rudy Business Movie Review illustrated by the official movie poster.

Rudy: Business Movie Review

Rudy (1993) football movie teaches business strategies of Planning, Exceeding, & Conquering The movie Rudy (1993) is filled with moving and motivational Business Strategies many Small Business Owners will find relevant. Rudy is a iconic movie teaching Small Business Owners about success. Specifically, how to achieve success. Rudy is a nickname for the main character who is […]

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.'s Business Movie Review "What about Bob?"

What about Bob? Business Movie Review

“What about Bob?” movie teaches business strategies of Improvising, Getting Help, & Baby Steps What about Bob? (1991) is a very humorous Business Strategies movie that demonstrates the struggles of surviving and thriving! It amazes me that this movie is 25 years old already. Bill Murray’s character is Bob a middle-aged man who is neurotic and […]

St Vincent' Movie poster illustrated as Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, and Naomi Watts in character.

St Vincent Business Movie Review

“St Vincent” movie teaches business strategies of Depth, Devotion, & Authenticity St Vincent (2014) is a deep and somewhat humorous Business Strategies movie! Bill Murray’s character is Vincent, a Vietnam Veteran, who has fallen on very tough times. He’s a gambler, who drinks too much, Lives with his past choices, and has a prostitute as […]