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Deck the Halls: Business Movie Review

Deck the Halls:
Business Movie Review 

Learn Business Strategies of 
Vision, Competition, & Growth

The movie: Deck the Halls (2006) is becoming a Christmas Classic Movie. It is filled with all the holiday cheer, bundled in with some Christmas Crazy (it’s a technical term), and love. This funny Christmas movie, which focuses on two Dad’s wanting to create a special moment for their respective families wraps up the holiday spirit in the most peculiar way! Danny DeVito’s character, Buddy, is warm and loving, and he’s a competitive rascal. Mathew Broderick’s character, Steve, is a traditionalist and perfectionist. These characters are the perfect little storm in a quaint little town whose holiday experience is about to change! Enjoy watching this light-hearted family movie and apply the different strategies, you notice, to improve you business success. 

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Deck the Halls Business Strategy #1 

Steve and Buddy each have a vision of what they want their respective families to experience during the Christmas season. Each of their visions is clear. Steve’s vision is very strategically planned and organized. It’s calculated and refined.

Buddy’s vision is myopic – only focused on the outcome. He will do whatever, whenever, to fulfill his vision.

What is your approach to your vision? Is it well planned or scattered? Do you focus on making it logical steps so you aren’t frenzied or do you enjoy stress and chaos? We all have different action approaches. If we are focused enough, we will actualized our vision – but at what cost? Brendon Burchard dubs the cost of success as a success tax. Don’t over tax yourself and your business.

Vision Best Practice: Set your vision and plan the incremental steps to bring your vision to life.

Deck the Halls Business Strategy #2 

Steve and Buddy are competitive. Steve’s approach is through mastery of well-planned and organized action. He is highly accomplished. In his town, he is known for being a master of Christmas-time.

Buddy’s approach is one of love, cheer, and some shenanigans. He lives in the moment and has something to prove to himself and others.

The two of them end up competing with each other. Competition can be both healthy for people and businesses. Conversely, competition can be quite unhealthy. There is a fine line. Steve and Buddy start out in a healthy competition, and then their competitiveness puts everything they’ve worked for in jeopardy! It’s the classic: “Competition is a good thing, until … ?”

Competition Best Practice: Do you shirk competition? If so, you might want to compete with yourself. If you love competition, compete with another. Regardless, the key is to keep your competition healthy. I’ve seen people become crazed with their competitive goals. If you notice you are myopic, pull back and get more balanced. Even if this means talking to a mentor.

Deck the Halls Business Strategy #3 

Growth comes when we least expect it! We usually grow through our path to achieve our goals. Steve and Buddy are on a personal growth mission via their competition. Steve becomes a very different type of extremist (no spoilers here), which has some unexpected outcomes. Buddy becomes obsessed, realizes it, and chooses to carry on.

When we look at business growth, understanding where you are in your growth journey is extremely beneficial. When a business begins, its focus is traction. You must first have traction before you have growth. Traction is the initial stage, where everything you do is an experiment. Growth is when your refining experiments and are having consistent and favorable results.

Only after you know what you’re doing, how to do it, and who to do it with, can you move to scale. Why? If you don’t, you develop a process for your customers that isn’t sustainable, or has disconnected parts to it. This is the growth journey. Some business models or business owners can move through this more swiftly, but that’s only because they’ve done the research, experiments, and have good mentorship.

Growth Best Practice: Know which evolutionary phase you’re in and complete the appropriate work to advance to the next level. Staying in one phase too long without advancing, as well as advancing to the next phase without having all your wrinkles smoothed out, will hinder your success rate and profitability

FYI: You’re reading one of my joys. I needed new content for my blogposts. Watching movies is my thing. I have a gift of seeing endless business strategies in movies. I’ve mashed sharing business strategies of movies into content to help my readers look at their business from a fresh perspective. It’s a nice fun experiment! What’s yours?

Feel free to share in the comment section which one of the Business Strategies from the “Deck the Halls” movie would serve YOU and YOUR Business best right now?

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