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Lightyear: Business Movie Review

Business Movie Review

Movie Ticket to Lightyear
Even when he was younger Buzz Lightyear is still teaching us lessons to improve what matters most to us!

Learn Business Strategies of
Self-Discipline, Teamwork, & Mission-Driven

Are you one of the many fans of Buzz Lightyear? We were first introduced to Buzz when Toy Story hit the screens. It was easy to imitate this invisible character as we stood in the power stance and bellowed, “To infinity… and beyond!” Heck, we still have one of the original Buzz Lightyear action toys. It was a birthday gift for my husband! The appeal of Buzz’s character and his personality was amazing. Then, there was chatter about a full movie being dedicated to Buzz. The movie, Lightyear, was released in the summer of 2022.

Did it deliver? It depends on what you were expecting. Did the movie have a good storyline? Yes. Was this prequel creative? Yes. Did you learn how Buzz became Buzz? Yes, you did. At first, it was a little hard for me not to hear Tim Allen’s voice, but I forgot that I stepped into a story that had an unnerving, yet entertaining feel to it. Why? It was a little surreal.

As you know, we won’t spoil the story for you. Enjoy reading this review and watching the movie. Then come back, and leave a comment – let’s learn from one another! There are many more strategies to help you achieve your success than the several I mention. Enjoy experimenting and applying the different strategies to improve your business success. 

Lightyear Business Strategy #1

Buzz wasn’t the only one who didn’t have self-discipline. Throughout the movie, observe who had difficulty staying on task. You could argue how this worked for, and against, Buzz at times. No spoilers on this.

Self-Discipline Beshttp://disciplinet Practice:
Over and over, leaders teach about how it’s through discipline that one is liberated. It is true. Even though it is experienced differently, as we all have our own challenges and the level of it, it does unchain us. Remember: Each person’s journey is different. No two journeys are the same so there is no need to compare yourself to anyone else. Allow your vision and discipline to deliver you.

Lightyear Business Strategy #2

This movie reveals how the Older Buzz’s leadership style came to be. The best leaders seem to have a transformational story, like the one we witness through the movie. Even if this is an ultimate challenge, this metamorphosis is what shapes and hones leaders to focus on excellence. Young Buzz learned the importance of engaging a team. Eventually, inviting them and realizing how he needed a team doesn’t mean he’s inferior.

Teamwork Best Practice:
How often do you find yourself holding on too tightly for others to achieve success with you? Conversely, are there times you lean on your team too much? When you bring a team in, make sure they fully understand what the mission is and their responsibilities. This will alleviate a great deal of missed opportunities and frustrations for all team members.

Lightyear Gun Business Strategy #3
Mission-Driven Outcomes

We all met a very determined Buzz years ago. When he was younger, he wasn’t any different. The severity of his sheer determination was revealed. Pay close attention to see if it saved the world or destroyed it. You decided!

Mission-Driven Best Practice:
It’s critical to be mission-driven. There’s still plenty of confusion over the difference between a vision versus a mission. A mission is about the doing or actions that you take. If you have 3 elements in your mission, you shouldn’t be doing something unless it fulfills at least one of your mission elements. Why? If you are doing what your mission states, then you should automatically be fulfilling your vision. TIP: Until you know what your vision is, you don’t know how to fulfill your mission. This is critical to understand. The last thing you want to be doing is wasting time (and other resources) on things that don’t matter.


FYI: You’re reading one of my innovations. Watching movies is my thing. I have the gift of seeing endless business strategies in movies. I’ve mashed sharing business strategies of movies into content to help my readers look at their business from a fresh perspective. How do you like this version of edutainment? I get some great feedback about this experiment! What’s your experiment?

Feel free to share in the comment section which one of the Business Strategies from the “Lightyear” movie would serve YOU and YOUR Business best right now?

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