Consistent Actions iIllustrated by young girl practicing playing the piano.
Consistent actions always win – we just need to show up and do our thing!

Consistent actions always win business-

How do consistent actions support your success?
Are your actions the right actions?

Consistent actions help us improve our performance as Business Owners and our Business Performance. There’s always a great deal of chatter regarding actions for success. We prefer to oversimplify our topics and make them practical for you to apply. Let’s give this one a go!

Consistent Action Dilemma of Business Owners

Recently I conducted a survey for next week’s presentation to assist Wisconsin Business Owners to boost their blogging expertise. The most commonly asked question was regarding the frequency of blogging. This has me pondering: Why are Business Owners so focused on the frequency instead of the appropriate topics or the how-tos of blogging for business?

Is it that Business Owners are stretched too thin already? Are they trying to validate why they are not doing it? Are they not sure how often makes it effective? I know most of the Business Owners who answered the survey. They conduct good business. They’re committed to their business’s success. So I didn’t think it was laziness. But what was it?

So I assessed areas of business where I slack or avoid consistent actions until it is absolutely necessary. Immediately I realized the areas where I don’t show up as powerfully. It’s either because (a) it isn’t my forte or (b) I just don’t like that particular activity. Yet I still do it because it is part of the success equation for a successful business.

How do consistent actions support your business success?

People like predictability. People like socializing. Routined behavior produces improvement. Ask any professional athlete and they will share this with you. A dear friend who is affiliated with NFL pros told me, “The biggest secret to success is the simplest – just show up. The consistent actions of practicing will hone excellence.” I must admit, consistent actions have helped me improve my game.

People are your customers. Think of your sales process as dating or courting. When you want to court someone, you show up in their world as often and appropriately as possible.  You don’t start a relationship, then forget about them for a month or two, and then drop into their world expecting them to throw themselves at you. Do you?

YOUR potential customers AND customers are the same. They like knowing you’re always there. Even if they don’t need you in that particular moment. They like knowing you will be there for them when they do. Your consistent actions of blogging, networking, newsletters, email marketing, direct mailings and social media engagement will show them that they are important and you are there when they need you.  Just like dating –  you need to show up in their world often enough to express your intention.


  1. Pick one activity to improve your courting of new and current customers.
  2. Create a new strategy to consistently show up in their world. (start small)
  3. Show them how much you care for them by serving them – even if they aren’t your customer yet!

Make sure the actions you commit to are actions which will deliver the results you seek. Avoid actions which will not help you achieve YOUR Business’s Performance Goals.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on anything regarding consistent actions to support YOUR Business Goals…


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