September 30


People buy from people, not businesses

People buy from people to build business. Women being interviewed by newsteam.
People buy from people… How can you get interviewed to boost your sales?

People buy from other people-
not businesses!

People buy from other people… sounds logical doesn’t it? Yet it isn’t something most Business Owners think about to improve their business’s performance. This past Friday I heard Robert Grede, marketeer extraordinaire of The Grede Company, present about the benefits of branding YOUR business. Robert did a great job explaining why it is critical for businesses to brand themselves.

While Grede was sharing, he mentioned, “People don’t buy from businesses. People buy from people.” I know a room full of people heard this, but I’m curious how many paid attention to this significant fact among all the other great information he shared. He really delivered awesomeness for Business Owners to apply.

People buy from people

Grede brought up a great point. We don’t buy from businesses. Businesses simply provide an offering. Some businesses create similar offerings. So what makes them different? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, customer service. Customer service is what makes you feel good and/or appreciated. Company A and Company B can sell the same offering, but you will purchase from the person you like.

People make the difference. Grede was correct.
It’s true – people buy from people!

Why does this matter to YOUR Business?

You are one of many people. As a Business Owner or Business Leader, you are essential to your business’s reputation. People buy from you – not the name of your business. If you have a team of people working for you, guess what? Regardless of titles and responsibilities, they are your sales and customer service team! Everyone is always selling. Gee, I guess that’s another blog topic isn’t it?

Since people buy from people, it’s important to remember you are YOUR Business’s greatest marketing tool. As is your team and all your customers. Doubt me? That’s how testimonials serve your business well. Your customers become your free marketing (promotion) team when they do testimonials. Check this out: People buy from people (your customers too) when they hear relevant and outstanding testimonials.

“People Buy from People” Action Item:
Take time this coming month to get your testimonials gathered and visible for everyone to review.

Why? Your customers can market your awesomeness better than you. Have fun with this and remember to share testimonials for others who deserve it too!

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  1. It is true. People don’t buy from a company. If the sales person is a jerk, will you still buy that insurance policy even though the company is sound? Probably not.

    I didn’t dwell on this issue as it was only a tangent to my speech on Personal Branding. Thank you, Maggie, for clarifying and reinforcing this important point.

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