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Customer Service Clean Up- Similar to Diapers?

Customer service clean up depicted by a baby's diaper.
Is YOUR Customer Service Clean Up a like a bad diaper in the making?

Customer Service Clean Up-
At times it can be similar to cleaning up a baby’s diaper!

Customer Service Clean Up is something I urge all my customers to take on early in the process of us working together. Why? It’s really important to have your Customer Service system in place as soon as possible. Overtime it will reveal the other elements you need to have in place to serve your customers well. Customer Service supports your sales, which ultimately improves YOUR Business’s performance.

In the last two posts I’ve been discussing how Business Owners are Pushovers for, and to, their own business. I’ve been referring to how our businesses are quite similar to babies. Also, how a baby depends on its parent is extremely similar to how YOUR Business depends upon you. It really can’t do anything without you! I’ve already discussed how a baby’s feeding is similar to sales in our last post. Next step in Customer Service.

Customer Service Clean Up for YOUR Business
Before it’s too Late!

Usually, customer service is something you don’t think about until you either had a very bad or good experience as a customer. I believe we all expect good customer service but haven’t received enough of it. Interesting side note: My husband and I were just discussing how we’ve been impressed with the customer service we’ve received during this past year. Hopefully this is a new trend!

Actual Customer Service Clean Up Required

Two years ago, I had a client whose business was caught in a very sticky customer service situation. Her business is service oriented and the satisfaction is extremely subjective. Here’s what happened: She provided her service. The customer was pleased at the time of service. Shortly after the service, she asked for her money back. She said she was “completely dissatisfied” with the experience.

My client called me. In tears, she asked me what to do. My response was simple, “You have a customer service and satisfaction policy. Implement it.” The policy we discussed was that if someone wasn’t satisfied she would give them half of their money back (her unspoken discretionary policy was 100% if she chose so). Here was the problem, she didn’t want to admit to me that she never posted her policy anywhere – not even in the service contract. Yikes! Relunctantly, she refunded all the money. She never did her customer service clean up as we discussed!

This could’ve been avoided if she would have implemented her Satisfaction Policy. She could have kept half her revenue. The customer service clean up could have helped her keep half her revenue from that sale. Her customer service would have been in full alignment without an anguish or sleepless nights. It cost her much more than revenue.

TIP: Tend to creating YOUR policy before you customer service clean up becomes a very messy diaper. Be proactive!

Please feel free to comment or share what your baby (business) needs most to grow right now. Let’s see how we can help YOUR Business grow into its success!


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p.s.: Make sure your customer service clean up includes something in your contract or receipt about satisfaction.


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