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YOUR Business's 2016 New Milestones of Performance emerges from the midst illustrated by 2016 smeared a foggy window with a light shining through it from behind.

2016 New Milestones for YOUR Business

2016 New Milestones for YOUR Business 2016 New Milestones… what does that mean? Are you ready to take on a whole new year? Are YOUR Goals supporting YOUR Business? 2016 New Milestones is about taking on YOUR Business’s New Goals. However, this year the focus is on the milestones to YOUR Business’s Performance Goals. Why? […]

2016 Fresh Starts for Business is illustrated by a stop and go light with Cherry trees blossoming in the background. The go is a green image of a person walking.

2016 Fresh Starts Inspiration for Business Owners

2016 Fresh Starts Inspiration for Business Owners to Apply ASAP 2016 Fresh Starts don’t start in 2015 or mid 2016. They start right where and when we are – at the beginning of 2016. The following quote is crucial to creating a new beginning: “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely […]

2 secrets to better manage your Holiday Madness illustrated by 2 girls wearing sweaters and in a woods setting are sharing a secret.

2 Secrets for Business Owners Holiday Madness Management

2 Secrets for Business Owners’ Holiday Madness Management Not sure how to manage the Holidays this year? Holiday Madness is real! Are you frazzled? Holiday Madness Management should be a required course when you begin operating a Small Business. Business Owners need to learn how to move through this time of the year with greater […]

Business Owner Concentration improves performance during the Holidays and year round. Illustrated by a male gymanist swinging his legs around the pommel horse.

Business Owner Concentration during the Holidays

Business Owner Concentration Sustained During the Holiday Season Business Owner Concentration is often difficult to sustain throughout the Holiday Season. We aren’t so unique, everyone has a little stronger “Bright Shiny Object Syndrome” to contend with this time of year. Yet, YOUR Business’s profit may depend on this one tip being applied. BUSINESS OWNER CONCENTRATION FOCUS: […]

Ending business on a high note is illustrated by a musical note bar and "2015" below it.

Ending business on a high note in 2015 for business owners

Ending Business on a High Note in 2015: Business Owners sharing great news! Ending business this year is phenomenally strong for many small business this year! Are you one of them? What is this Business Coach noticing as this year wraps-up? This year’s Business performance has been a mixed bag for some, but most are sharing how […]

Developing Relationships is illustrated by image of tractor partnering to bring in the harvest.

1 Tip for Developing Relationships to Grow Business

Developing Relationships with Customers to Grow YOUR Business Have you ever been impressed with good service? Are you developing relationships with your customers? Why do you support certain businesses? Developing Relationships to grow YOUR Business is essential. Yet this is often over-looked by many small business owners! YOUR Business’s Performance depends upon you developing relationships […]

Workplace awesomeness illustrated by the Air Force's Blue Angels team performing aerial stunts.

Workplace Awesomeness: Are you creating it?

Workplace Awesomeness: Are you creating it? Workplace Awesomeness is a 100% productivity booster. Do you know if you have one? Workplace Awesomeness is a phrase you won’t find in a dictionary. You won’t even find it in a business dictionary. Yet, this concept is something we all seek. It’s an ideal. Workplace awesomeness directly impacts […]

Thank YOU Cards as trophies illustrated as a man's hand holding a pen and just finished writing "Thank You!".

Thank you cards: It’s time to send them out

Thank You Cards: It’s time to send them out! Thank you cards are a great way to express your appreciation to YOUR Customers and Mentors. While Business Owners are busy working on creating a healthy sales boost yet this last month of the year, remember to send appreciation messages too! It will enrich your holiday […]

Year End Slow Down For Business illustrated by a man sitting onto of a rock he climbed with feet dangling over the side of elevated rock.

Year End Slow Down: Don’t do it small business owners

Year End Slow Down-itis? Don’t give in! Year End Slow Down-itis showing up already?!? Are you shutting it down too soon? Don’t you want to improve YOUR Business? Year End Slow Down is natural, but it isn’t always beneficial to YOUR Business Performance! Why are you going to shortchange YOUR Business now? STOP before you regret […]