YOUR Business's 2016 New Milestones of Performance emerges from the midst illustrated by 2016 smeared a foggy window with a light shining through it from behind.
YOUR Business’s 2016 New Milestones of Performance emerges from the midst.

2016 New Milestones for
YOUR Business

2016 New Milestones… what does that mean?
Are you ready to take on a whole new year?
Are YOUR Goals supporting YOUR Business?

2016 New Milestones is about taking on YOUR Business’s New Goals. However, this year the focus is on the milestones to YOUR Business’s Performance Goals. Why? Success breeds success.

Every year people set themselves up for failure with lofty goals and/or resolutions. We want change – on our terms. Yet, many of us have a natural tendency to “settle” and not keep pushing to breakthrough to our new way of being. Why? We have accepted the process of failure when it comes to our success.

Create a goal – can’t accomplish it?

Make a resolution – only 8% of resolutions will succeed reveals the Statistic Brain Research Institute. We have come to accept un-success as part of the New Year Experience. It’s as if we are adverse to accomplishing goals!

This year I have all my clients shifting their mindset to focus on milestones instead of an annual goal. Each one of them has 2016 New Milestones to approach and pass along their way to their goal. Again, it’s about the journey (action), which breeds more success, instead of the destination.

What are YOUR Business’s 2016 New Milestones? Define them.

Oversimplify YOUR Business’s 2016 New Milestones. This supports your mind to always be focusing on the right thoughts of the right actions you need to take each day to meet more milestones.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on anything you’d like to know
to help you launch 2016 effectively.


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