July 17


Intentions to support accomplishing goals

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Intentions can be YOUR Performance’s X-Factor!

Intentions help you to accomplish your goals-
more often and with greater ease!

Intentions support us with great impact. Are you someone who wakes up and knows you have a great deal to accomplish in a day – each day? Do you feel like “save the village”, which is very important, is pretty far down your “To Do” List for the day? Regardless of what you do, are you a high performer?

“Those who get up in the morning and set a directions
for their day. They have an entirely different
than those who do not.”
~Tony Burroughs

Do you create intentions to set your course for the day, each day?

Do Intentions Really Work?

When I’m introduced to a new concept I apply it to as many things as I possible to observe if it holds true or not. From time to time, I push the application to see if it is just circumstantial or it holds validity. I love experimenting. I’m so curious. I’m not a nay-sayer. I’m simply very curious.

Throughout this year, intentions is a topic I’ve been experimenting with again. It is fascinating to me. I think it’s pretty cool to know that I can alter or bend what I’m going to experience as reality. We hear a lot about goals. Goals are really measurable intentions. When you set a goal you decide how you want to experience something.

Our last post’s topic was to help remind you of the success strategy of focusing on goals instead of the negatives. We accomplish greater success when we do this! How often do you wake up and intend to have a great day or fulfill a goal? For some the answer is every day, for others not too often, or seldom. Each one of these people experience life quite differently because of their intentions.

Do you choose to be happy?

For a long time we’ve heard, “Happiness is an inside job.” By the way, this is true. Each decade science is able to validate such concepts. Until 5 years ago, very few people knew of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Now, some people know it and are utilizing it to make significant changes. If you’re not quite ready to explore and utilize some of the newer scientific discoveries, stick with an old one and create intentions to fulfill your goals.

Perception is reality… are you creating your intentions to support your goals? As Wayne Dyer shares, “Our intentions create our reality.” Why not experiment and apply this to your business’s success?

Feel free to leave a comment or question regarding intentions, goals, or anything else to improve your business’s performance. I’ll be happy to respond.


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p. s. One of my favorite NLP Practitioners is in training this week to become a Master of NLP. Congratulations Lucas Robak of LucasRobak.com . Looking forward to hearing what you learned!


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