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Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Topic: YOUR Schedule illustrated by a stamp of the word "Priority"

The secret your schedule reveals

The Secret YOUR Schedule Reveals Your schedule reveals a multitude of things about you. Most importantly it reveals your priorities. Could a stranger notices if YOUR Business’s Performance is important to you by looking at your schedule? Personally and professionally, your schedule shows you what matters most to you. Small Business Owners, this is a […]

Small Business Coaching By Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Balancing Summertime Play and Work illustrated by young man riding jet ski on lake.

Balancing Summertime Play and Work

Balancing Summertime Play and Work As we’re wrapping up our summertime play in the northern hemisphere, I have a question for you, “Have you been balancing summertime play and work?” I assure you, this is essential for building a successful business. Ready for this? I haven’t at all this year. I’ve been crushing several new […]

YOUR Business's 2016 New Milestones of Performance emerges from the midst illustrated by 2016 smeared a foggy window with a light shining through it from behind.

2016 New Milestones for YOUR Business

2016 New Milestones for YOUR Business 2016 New Milestones… what does that mean? Are you ready to take on a whole new year? Are YOUR Goals supporting YOUR Business? 2016 New Milestones is about taking on YOUR Business’s New Goals. However, this year the focus is on the milestones to YOUR Business’s Performance Goals. Why? […]

Sales feed a business. Just as in this photo of a parent feeding a baby with a bottle.

Sales Feed Your Business Everything it Needs

Sales Feed YOUR Business- Is it well nourished? Sales feed YOUR Business all it needs to perform it’s other functions. Is YOUR Business being well fed or is it malnourished? More importantly: are you the one who is malnourishing it? Understanding the Importance of Sales to Continuously Feed YOUR Business Far too often I see […]

Settling for failure depicted with tug of war game not ending well.

Are you settling for failure too often?

Are you settling for failure more often than you want to be… Business Owners-Leaders are notoriously known for settling for failure rather than attaining success. Did you know this? What’s even more fascinating is how failure impacts YOUR Business Performance more than you might think. When people fear failure they don’t even take the actions […]

Focusing on goals depicted with hand written message "Try CHANGE as a Business Strategy"

Focusing on goals instead of the negatives

Focusing on goals is paramount to a business’s success When focusing on goals instead of the negative(s), every aspect of your business must be reorganized. Why? The negative people, circumstances, or items will still occur in business on any given day. However, once you start making changes, everything must change. Making the change from negatives […]

Networking Tips depicted by a man shouting into t tin can with a string ties to it.

Networking tips that make sense to apply

Networking Tips that Make Sense- No more ineffective Old School Ways! Networking tips is a very hot topic. Do you know why? No, not because it’s summertime! It’s a hot topic because people are inappropriately networking. Not sure that’s you? Let’s find out! Definition of Networking According to, networking is “Creating a group of acquaintances […]

"Your Excellence Matters" in deep purple font with golden starr and fireworks going off behind it to depict the brilliance of professionalism

Professionalism in the workplace- it matters

Professionalism in the Workplace Is your workplace considered professional? What is professionalism? How can you improve your professionalism? Professionalism has several different implications. It implies a standard. Professionalism also implies a career choice. The professionalism I’d like to address today is the standard of which professionalism is noticed. Do you automatically notice professionalism? Have you […]

Networking tips for building real relationships

Networking Tips for Building Real Relationship Do you fret networking opportunities? Are you a good networker? Ready for some practical networking tips?   Networking tips are common. But when was the last time you learned networking tips that were actually applicable in a practical manner AND actually worked? For a long time this was the […]