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Congrats Small Business Owners! We're celebrating Blogging Anniversary 7 of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.

Serving Small Business Strategies: Blogging Anniversary 7

Serving Small Business Strategies: Blogging Anniversary 7 Today we celebrate Blogging Anniversary 7! Hard to believe that we’ve been serving up small business strategies for 7 years, with over 900 blogposts here for you, the Small Business Owner. Thank you for your many comments and phone calls over the years. It’s great hearing how the […]

Book cover of Book being reviewed in Blog post: 5 Kick-Ass Strategies Every Business Needs.

5 Kick-Ass Business Strategies Book Review

5 Kick-Ass Business Strategies Book Review Written by Robert Grede of The Grede Company 5 Kick-Ass Business Strategies Every Business Needs is an outstanding book! I know the author personally. He is an exceptional man. I’ll share what I’ve noticed about this book: it’s a great book for start-ups and next level business owners. Grede […]

March Fourth Activities to March Forth for Businesses

March Fourth Activities Actively Support Businesses to March Forth: Onward and Outward! Is there something you have been wanting to to do? Are you ready to move forward on something right now? Will you take advantage of today’s date? March Fourth (March 4th) is the only day on the calendar which is actually a command! […]

Steve Jobs: The Innovation Secrets Book Review

Steve Jobs Wisdom for Business Owners: Book Review of “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs” Steve Jobs was an extraordinary individual who marched to the beat of his own drum! Yesterday would have been his 60th birthday. Many people thought Steve Jobs was a genius. In many aspects I agree, but I reference genius differently. […]

Opportunities for Business Performance are Everywhere

Opportunities for YOUR Business Performance: are Everywhere and Waiting for You! Are opportunities hiding on you? How often do you notice opportunities? What do you do when you find them? Opportunities are gifts for Business Owners to capture and utilize to improve YOUR Business’s Performance. In the SWOT Analysis, Opportunities are represented by the “O”. […]

Storytelling and Presentations Attract Customers

Storytelling and Presentations Attract Customers to You! Are you attracting people through your wisdom-sharing? Do you know the new presentation rules? Is your storytelling effective? Storytelling is wisdom-sharing. It helps us convey a particular message to others. Ideally, we want the story being told to be understood and have great impact upon the listeners. Storytelling […]

Delegate work, not your business Article

Delegate work, not your business How do you delegate work? Do you trust the people to whom you delegate work? Are you a micro-manager when you delegate work?  Delegate work, not your business, is essential to surviving and optimizing performance. Last Friday’s post, click here: Delegations Strategies sparked a great deal of interest. Many of […]

Performance: Job Description Update

 Performance: Job Descriptions & Business Missions Do you have an effective Job Description? Does your Business’s Mission Statement support its Vision? Is your performance guided with simplicity? Performance, has been the topic for a couple of weeks now. So far we have started looking very closely at how diversified your business is and what is […]

Presentation Performance

                            Presentation Performance Why is presenting in a powerful manner so important? Do you practice your presentation? Are you interested in 20 tips to improve your performance? When was the last time you sat through a presentation and were less than impressed? Probably not too long ago! Isn’t it the worst? A couple of month’s […]

Business Strategy & Tip: Week 7/14/2014

                        Business Strategies & Tips for Next Week! “I didn’t get to where I am by think about it or dreaming about it. I got there by doing it.” ~ Estee Lauder Application of this Business Strategy for YOU: Success requires right action. Right action is the outcome of a great plan. A great plan […]