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“5 Kick-Ass Strategies Every Business Needs”   Book Get’s Our 2 Thumbs Up!

5 Kick-Ass Business Strategies Book Review
Written by Robert Grede of The Grede Company

5 Kick-Ass Business Strategies Every Business Needs is an outstanding book! I know the author personally. He is an exceptional man. I’ll share what I’ve noticed about this book: it’s a great book for start-ups and next level business owners. Grede addresses 5 Kick-Ass Business Strategies and he address other basics too. Disclaimer: I’m writing about and sharing where to purchase this book only because it’s that good! No endorsements, Harleys, vacations, or lottery tickets where given by Grede or Amazon – shucks!

Here’s our over-simplified book review of
“5 Kick-Ass Business Strategies Every Business Needs”

Strategy 1: Buy Market Share
Explains how businesses essentially “buy market share” because you are buying business away from your competitors. Isn’t that a different perspective? Opening phrase: “A big gorilla in the forest…”

Strategy 2: Hunt
Explains how to hunt for new customers so you can sell more of your offerings.  Addresses both how and why. Opening phrase: “Hunting new business is essential to the health of your company.”

Strategy 3: Farm
Explains how to cultivate your current customers. Great tactics for the different approaches. Key phrase: “You will always need to hunt, farming is the easier, cheaper, and more effective way to increase sales and profitability.”

Strategy 4: New Products
Always be creating new things to share with your customers to improves revenue. Key phrase, “New products replace all those old products nobody want anymore… new products offer new opportunities for revenue.”

Strategy 5: Merge or Acquire
Introduces how these strategies may benefit your business, as well as the down-side to each. Key phrase: “A good partnership is like a good marriage. Fit is critical. That’s why the screening process must be rigorous and thorough.”

I think this book is brilliantly written for a beginner or someone who needs to get back to the basics again. There are graphs, lists, acronyms, tables, and even a glossary to help simplify how to apply this wisdom to your own business. It is evident that Grede has volumes of information to share and does it in a very useful manner.

Grede’s 5 Kick-Ass Strategies book is a must read for every business owner and business leader! He devotes several additional chapters to (a) Defining You Business, (b) Understanding Marketing, (c) The Strategic Marketing Plan, (d) The Fundamental Principles bending the 5 Kick-Ass Strategies, (e) Managing Your Growth, (f) Cash is King, (g) Managing Your Human Assets, and (h) Social Proof.

I strongly encourage you to purchase Grede’s 5 Kick-Ass Strategies book. He has written others which are equally outstanding. Click here to purchase Grede’s book from Amazon.

Please feel free to comment about which strategies are working for you and which ones are giving you more opportunities to shine when you master them.


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