July 4


Independence and Birthdays

Happy Independence Day
United States of America!

Eagle carrying the American flag while in flight.
American Eagle rushing in independence as it carries an American Flag while in flight.

Independence Day, or the 4th of July, is all about the liberty and freedom of our country. It has been dubbed the birthday of the USA. Personally, I wish we would focus more on independence than the birthday because younger generations don’t know that July 4th is celebrated as a patriotic day because of the events of July 4, 1776.

What happened on July 4, 1776?

This is the day that Our Founding Fathers declared the 13 colonies would no longer be subject to England’s King. Most people don’t know that liberty actually happened on July 2nd and was then formalized on the 4th with the Declaration of Independence being signed. Thomas Jefferson was charged with the task of writing the initial draft. Then some of the other Founding Fathers edited it into what we now know as the Declaration of Independence.

Our Founding Fathers had great conviction in becoming independent. They wanted certain things to be attained for humans in the new America. They were committed to fighting for these ways, so much so that they were willing to put their lives on the line to become the number one public enemy of England’s monarchy. What a brave and bold feat they achieved to support what they said they wanted.

Read the Declaration of Independence

Take time to read the Declaration of Independence. You may be surprised by what you learn is written there about what our Founding Fathers envisioned our country to be. They were exceptional leaders. When you read it, pay close attention to what they wrote about the pursuit of happiness (which is often misquoted).

Independence and Birthdays

Recently we were at a friend’s family gathering, and their grandchildren swarmed around me to tell me about how old they were and about their birthday. Some of the conversations were about what happened on their birthday or what was going to happen when they turned the next age. It was a fun conversation, or two, to hear what was important to them and ask questions about what they said.

Have you ever noticed how our society has birthdays as mile markers for accomplishments or liberty and independence?

I have. At age 6 months, teeth and sitting up. At age 1, walking and babbling. At age 4 or 5, school begins. Age 13, the formidable teen years. Age 16, driving. Age 18, a legal adult.

As you reflect, I’m sure you could add many more to the list. Did you notice that each one of these birthdays occurs with more independence?

You, an Independent Business Owner

You started your business because you had a vision to make something or someone better, right?  You decided you could create a business on your own. Congratulations!

Aren’t you glad when you decided to do this that you didn’t have to become public enemy number one?

Your independence comes with responsibility and ideals, just like our Founding Fathers. As you celebrate this 4th of July, take time to remember the incredibly brave men who stood up for our now country during those hot summer days to create our liberty, which is coupled with independence.

Here’s an article posted from years past about founding our country and your business.


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