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What’s Your Declaration of Independence for YOUR Business?

Signing of the Declaration of Indepence
The signing of the Declaration of Independence. Ultimately making July 4th Independence Day.

What’s Your Declaration of Independence
for YOUR Business?

The Declaration of Independence is one of the founding documents of the United States of America. The other two documents which express the country’s ideals for founding the country are The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Together they form the Charter of Freedom. FYI: This is a great example of an outcome of networking with intention. Do you have similar guiding documents for your business?

Founding the American Dream of Business Success

Even though most of the Founding Fathers were ordained ministers, most people forget they were also business owners. They were fierce business owners as their existence depended upon them producing their resources – think: becoming successful businessmen. I address this Grand Experiment and early entrepreneurialism in the Introduction and first chapter of “Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner: Fresh Perspectives on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Finding Peace in Your Business” – Volume 1.

Our Founding Fathers and their families were the ones who created what we now call, The American Dream. Great name, isn’t it? Even 200+ years later, their successes have become the ruler to which we measure our business success. One of the reasons they were successful is that they understood what they stood for, what their goals were, and how they would behave to achieve their goals. Do you do this to support your business’s success?

What’s Your Business’s Declaration of Independence?

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners begin their business with a vision. They hold a vision to provide a solution for others. Our readers know that we’ve written plenty about visions and practicing envisioning in our blog over the past 10 years. They also know the marketplace sees the business’s offering as a solution. For a founding business, this is its purpose. They also understand it is necessary to have a mission (specific actions) to bring their vision to life and actualize it.

Do you have your business’s Declaration of Independence? What about your business’s Constitution or Bill of Rights? Each document supported independence. You, too, are independent. What business documentation do you have to remind you why do what you do, how you do it, and the benefit of doing it well?

Independence is an internal and external game. I believe it begins internally and works its way outside of your thoughts and heart to become something written. Then we constantly internalize our vision. Your vision is what inspires you to do all those business activities you don’t want to do. You know, the ones that are what’s going to support your business’s success.

Are you taking time to document what is guiding your business? What is guiding you and your team? How do you recommit yourself to your vision and ideals? What are you doing to stay inspired?

How are you setting yourself up to win every day? After almost 20 years of business ownership, I know it’s not easy. There is a multitude of challenges each day.

CLUE: If you move through enough challenges, you will reap the rewards.

Is it essential to develop YOUR business’s independence?

Your business’s independence is dependent upon you. You may be like the founders of the American Dream – focusing on survival, or you may be experiencing tremendous growth. Either way, I assure you it is imperative for you to have your founding documents to guide you with the Right Thoughts and Right Actions to achieve your independence and goals.

The Declaration of Independence reveals why our country separated from England. Additionally, it introduced the concepts of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Essentially, freedom from tyranny. Over the next several posts, I will further discuss how Independence, Life, Liberty, Freedom, and the Pursuit of Happiness are your right as a small business owner.

So you haven’t been having the success you seek, chances are you haven’t laid a strong enough business foundation to support success. If you have created your foundation, it may not have enough daily fortification to strengthen it to support your current business activities effectively. If you have grand plans for your business’s future, you need to be extremely mindful of your business’s foundation.

Independence of a child riding a bicycle
Independence Day for a child? How independent is your business?

Now what?

First: Make time to assess how strong your business’s foundation is right now. What type of rework do you need to give it to better support you and your vision?

Second: Read the Declaration of Independence and see if there are concepts that you need to contemplate and possibly infuse into your business.

Third: Instead of saying, “Happy 4th!” or “Happy July 4th!” focus on independence. Keep reinforcing independence for yourself and others.

I’ll say it again, YOUR business’s independence is dependent upon you! Think of it as yourself as the parent to this child (your business), and it needs you to care for it. Own this truth and your business’s success! 

And, Happy Independence Day!


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