Networking baby sitting in yard with wagon full of stuff toys.
Networking baby learning crucial success skills early in life.

Networking truly is baby’s or child’s play-
it’s the relationship development of success business!

Networking tips are everywhere. It’s a very effective way to assure YOUR Business is meeting its goals! The best information I have regarding networking is in this blog: Networking tips that make sense to apply.

In the above post, I reference the best book and practical approach to good and authentic networking: “Networking is a Contact Sport” by Joe Sweeney. When I met Joe, I was impressed at how easy he makes good networking become. Then I saw him put it into action. Again, I strongly encourage you to read his book and apply these principles. I attest to their effectiveness!

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships.
The quality of your business is no different.”
~Harvey Mackay
(Known for networking, he also gives Joe Sweeney a stellar endorsement.)

Straight Talk from YOUR Master Business Coach:

NOTE: If you aren’t taking care of your business, you aren’t in right relationship with YOUR Business. Yes, it’s that simple! Before you start networking with everyone else and playing nice, it may benefit you and YOUR Business to play nice with eachother.

What do I really mean by this? Small businesses tend to behave much like a baby. They are dependent upon their Business Owners to consistently tend to their every need. Babies need their parent. You are your business’s parent. YOUR Business needs to be fed sales to grow like a baby needs to be fed. YOUR Business needs good customer service like a baby needs diaper changesYOUR Business needs for you to update your product and service offerings like a baby needs routine bathing. YOUR Business needs active marketing like babies need a translator to communicate for them. YOUR Business needs for you to create routines and systems like a baby needs a routine to be well.

The year still has a full quarter to get your game on and lead YOUR Business to a successful year end closing. Take some time this week to get in right relationship with YOUR Business to learn what it needs, who it needs to be in relationship with, and most importantly how you need to lead it to a winning year! Don’t wait to build this most important relationship with your baby (business).

Please feel free to ask a question, comment, or share what you’re going to do to build better relationships with and for YOUR Business’s success.


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p.s.: My baby needs a little more visual marketing… like a little beautification project. I’m currently enrolled in a program to pretty it up to shine brighter!


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