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Dreaming Business Owners Finding Inspiration

Dreaming of being s superhero for your business illustrated by 2 firemen in full suits putting out a blazing fire.
When you’re dreaming is this you this kind of Super-Hero you are for YOUR Business?

Dreaming Business Owners-
Finding Inspiration

Dreaming is a complex topic and it is a hot one for Business Owners. Why? It usually sparks the entrepreneur’s spirit into action. This significantly impacts your Business Performance.

As a Business Coach I hear some really cool success stories to balance all the struggles I hear about. Recently I heard one with a great twist. I was at an event and heard a young mother talking about her young sons. She was sharing a story with me about how she’s helping them become more empowered by making up stories with them. About what? Super-heroes!

She shared with me how much fun they have creating stories about all these challenges their super-heroes must overcome. Of course, all the challenges are the things the boys are experiencing. She’s helping them create these imaginary role models for them to emulate. Isn’t this great?

I thought this was a fabulous approach for encouraging someone to feel like they can accomplish anything if they pursue a solution. She’s teaching her young sons how to become masters of success. She hadn’t seen it that way. Imagine how enthused she was she received kudos for being an exceptional mommy.

Dreaming and being a Business Owner
How does this relate to you?

You have the opportunity to define YOUR Personal Super-Hero for YOUR Business. What challenges do you and YOUR Business need to overcome? Make YOUR Business Super-Hero your role model. Have YOUR Business’s Super-Hero help you find your spark and begin dreaming again!

Make the first quest for YOUR Business’s Super-Hero be to help you find your spark, ignite it, and allow it to help you dream again. Need a little inspiration? Begin dreaming by clicking to last week’s post on “Dream Living“.

What are you dreaming and scheming for YOUR Business’s Success Story? Share in the comment section please.


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