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Naturally successful outcomes by taking chances

Naturally successful outcomes illustrated by 3 baby ivy plants sprouting through asphalt.
Do you welcome taking chances to create naturally successful outcomes? Why not give it a try?

Naturally Successful Outcomes for Business Owners
by Taking Chances

Naturally successful outcomes appear in many different shapes and sizes. Have you experienced naturally successful outcomes? Do you take chances? Do you know why the always create naturally successful outcomes? I do! Ready to explore?

You are a Business Owner. This alone qualifies you as someone who takes chances. Yes, entrepreneurs are risk takers no matter how conservative they may be.

As a Business Owner you are prone to making decisions to minimize risk. Why? Because you are in a risky business. Don’t worry, all business is risky! No business is immune from risk. Even when you work for another person, they could decide to close the doors at any moment.

How can you improve your Business’s Success
by taking chances?

By playing big! I bet you’re saying, “I already am playing big and taking chances all over the place.” This may be your truth. Yet, as a Master Business Coach and Business Strategist I see things differently than most Business Owners.

The question I have for you:
Are you taking the RIGHT chances?

In my last post, I shared about America’s Sweetheart, Golden Olympian Gymnast Mary Lou Retton. Her sequence of naturally successful outcomes is anchored in all the obstacles she had to overcome to claim her title.

She took calculated risks. Every time she practiced or performed, she was taking a chance. Repeatedly she did this. Are you?

CAUTION: Are you reading this and feeling very confident that you aren’t a risk taker? If you aren’t taking enough chances to create naturally successful outcomes for your business BEWARE! Take note of this:

“If you are never scared, embarrassed, or hurt,
it means you never take chances.”
~ Julia Soul

Both Einstein and Edison shared how when we fail we win (paraphrased) because we learn what not to do. These so called failures are what generate naturally successful outcomes. Isn’t this a great way to look at your business?

Dream bigger. The more chances you’re taking, the more you learn and begin to zero in on your success! Of course a nice balance between successes and failures will secure your success even more.

What holds you back from taking chances? Please share your answer in the comment section.


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