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Motivational Support for Success from a Golden Olympian

Motivational Support for Business Owners illustrated by photo of then President Reagan and Mary Lou Retton wearing her Olympic Medals. They are standing in front of other 1084 Olympians all wearing their red blazers.
Motivational Support from a Golden Olympian can sure brighten up your day!

Motivational Support for Successful Business Ownership from a Golden Olympian: America’s Sweetheart

Motivational Support comes in many different shapes and sizes. This time we’re talking about the pint-size gymnast, Mary Lou Retton, dubbed America’s Sweetheart. Business Owners can learn a great deal from a young gymnast, who achieved the gold. She knew how to optimize her performance – and still does!

All of us Business Owners know that we get in a rut from time to time. It’s natural and may also occur when business is booming. So what do you do to assure you are on top of your A-Game more often than not? How do you assure your Business Success? How do you keep you Business Performance at high levels? Do you start with your own performance?

I ran across this great article on Mary Lou Retton. I was amazed to learn a few things. I didn’t know she is still on the Motivational Speaking Circuit. I was unaware she had knee surgery weeks before her perfectly scored Olympic routines. Nor this: the next day after she won the Gold, she began working on the rest of her career! Yes, you heard me, the very next day.

Mary Lou knew she needed to do something to set up the next steps in her career. She immediately started working with a professional speech writer to express her story of overcoming obstacles. She still uses that same speech 30 years later. Since then she’s added other roles to her professional career. A very short article in the online bizwomen journal will quickly inspire you. Clue: She’s still pushing it!

What are you doing for motivational support
when you need it?

Do you know what you lean into for motivational support? Is it people? Perhaps books or movies provide you the right amount of motivational support. I know some people utilize social media for this – to get their “puppy upper” as we once said. There’s other ways too: visiting with someone who supports and encourages you, taking long walks, taking breaks, and even going on vacations.

But what about when you are flying high and strong?

Do you keep feeding yourself motivational support to keep your batteries continuously charged? This matters too. If you get in the practice of doing this, it will take much more to bring you down. And it’s much easier to do than find yourself working for someone else!

What do you do to provide motivational support for yourself and team? Please share your answer in the comment section.


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