January 29


Dream Living of Business Owners – Don’t Settle

A Business Owners' Dream illustrated by a an image of the seashore at sunset with a set of dreamy soft eyes above the horizon.
Big Dream… a Business Owner’s Beginning, Middle and End of Story.

Dream Living of Business Owners-
Is it all fantasy or real?

Dream, or not, the life of a Business Owners is a choice. YOUR Business’s Performance depends upon YOUR Dreams. YOUR Business’s Success depends upon YOUR Goals. Are you making YOUR Goals dreamy enough?

When Business Owners have crazy-big goals, but not the strategy to define their actions, they are fantasizing. When Business Owners create SMART Goals, they tend to settle for the mundane or mediocrity.

Business Owners are Dreamers

Usually when they start their business their dreams are big. Then, once they start doing what is required or what everyone tells them they need to do, they become disenchanted. They lose sight of what their big dream was in the first place. Do you know a Business Owner like this this? Could this be you?

How do you avoid fantasy, or fanatical, Business Ownership?

Find YOUR Dream! Do what you must to “live into YOUR Dream”. Stay on it. Don’t give up. Do what is necessary. Lead it again.

Sometimes it is not enough to do our best;
we must do what is required.
~Winston Churchill

If you keep doing what is necessary to live into YOUR Dream, you’ll minimize regret. I appreciate the talent and gumption of Lucille Ball. Lucille was a true pioneer and bright business women. I always remember her quote when I don’t want to do the next step of something.

“I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than
regret the things I haven’t done.”
~ Lucille Ball

Not too shabby for a pioneer to address avoiding regret. Lucille Ball’s personal and professional history verifies she didn’t settle for mediocrity.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Question:
Can you express YOUR Big Dream?

Can you remember it? Did it get squashed? Are you still living into it? Are you actions on your calendar and goals aligned with it? If not, now is your opportunity to remember and step back into it.

Look forward to hearing what YOUR Big Dream is in the comment section.


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