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Start to Become the Living Vision of YOUR Business today with this first step and one tip.

Become the living vision of your business

Becoming the living vision – what does that mean?
Why is becoming a living vision so important?
Do you know how to be a living vision?

“Become the living vision of your business” is a lofty goal. I admit the aim is high! Yet, we all want it, talk about it, and think about it often. Why? It’s really what we want… to become. Undeniably YOUR Business’s Success depends upon it.

Yet if you consider how to become the living vision of your business, it may be quite overwhelming. If this describes your want and frustration – you aren’t alone!

How to become the living vision of your business?

Now let’s talk about turning this want to become the living vision into a practice. At times it appears very natural and at other times it isn’t at all.

Oh, did you notice the keyword “practice” above? Just like anything worth accomplishing, practicing how to become the living vision of your business will involve an enormous amount of practice to achieve this goal. I’m not sugar coating it here. This is hard work!

The first thing you need to do is choose to recommit yourself to your vision of your business. If you need help with this considering taking me up on my No-Cost Consultation offering below.

TIP: When you proclaim yourself to living into the vision, do it incrementally or you will burn out before you attain your goal. Incremental phases of progression versus trying to do it all at once will matter.

Let’s talk about this for a moment. How often do you start a project and think you are going to complete it swiftly? Only to learn, once you start doing it, you understand more time needs to be dedicated to the project?  Yup, me too.

So usually one of three things happens next. You dive into it big time, decided to work it incrementally, or push it aside for now AKA: let it die on the vine. If you chose the later, it becomes a point of frustration.

Time for change…

This morning I remember one project I placed in a holding pattern. This project is important to helping me live into the vision of my business. Therefore I’m moving it into cue for the next month. This is great knowing that I can have this training covered my Memorial Day weekend. And then work on the mastery of it over summertime.

Over the years I’ve wrote extensively about Dreams, Goals for YOUR Business, Goals for YOU, and Magical WhiteBoards. Additionally I’ve wrote boatloads on Purpose, Envisioning, and Commitment. Why? Because this is how you continuously practice creating and living into the vision of YOUR Business.

It truly is a continuous practice to become the living vision of YOUR Business. Don’t give up on it! This baby you created to serve the world is worth it.

What’s your greatest challenge of living into YOUR Business Vision this year? Share your answer in the comment section.


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p.s. Want a little more inspiration to compliment this topic? Here’s an article from Entrepreneur. I agree with all 8 points. We addressed half of them in this blogpost today.

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