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Prioritize Activities Effectively to Meet Business Goals

Prioritize YOUR Business's Activities illustrated by a women's index finger bandaged and bleeding because a nail has gone through her finger.
Prioritize YOUR Business’s Activities to support YOUR Goals.

Prioritize Activities… Effectively
to Meet YOUR Business Goals

Prioritize, dedication, and commitment are common words associated with goal setting. YOUR Business’s Success depends upon you being able to prioritize the right activities to improve YOUR Business Performance. I think we all agree with these statements. But HOW do you effectively do this?

In our last post I shared how to align calendaring YOUR Business activities to YOUR Business Goals.

The post before included important and inspiring quotes to guide YOUR Goal Setting process.  Now that you’ve read these you’re probably wondering how to prioritize all these activities.

I’ve been laughing a little more the past few weeks. Why? I’m diving into some really big projects and new commitments this year and I’m researching goal setting. I want to make sure I’m getting the most relevant information on how to optimize my achievement levels – without being crushed by such ambition! It’s rather humorous that most “experts” state, “Do what ever is most important to you first thing in the morning.”  This is great in theory, but applying it becomes impractical when most of us have multiple priorities.

Prioritize for Practical Success

If I did what most experts say, I would be up at 4am to get everything completed before the business day starts. OK, so I’m a night owl and that’s not going to happen!

If first thing in the morning isn’t an option
then what is effective?

Find a consistent dedicated time to routinely commit to conducting said activities which are a priority. Instead of writing first thing in the morning I could do it late afternoon or early in the evening when my energy level is high. Instead of swimming first thing in the morning I could do it ______.

NOTE: The key is to have routines or rhythms for your activities. This creates patterns. Humans prefer patterns and sequence. It creates expectations. This is good for prioritizing YOUR Activities to support YOUR Business Goals.

What one thing are you going to adjust to better prioritize YOUR Success Supporting Activities. Please share comments and questions in the comments section. 


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p.s. Remember to prioritize with purpose!

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