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Spring Cleaning Boost for YOUR Small Business

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.: Spring Cleaning illustrated by a Swimming Swan cleaning its wing feathers.
Small Business Owners: are you boosting YOUR Productivity with Spring Cleaning?

Spring Cleaning Boost for
YOUR Small Business:
in just 10 steps!

Spring cleaning is everywhere this week. Inside homes and out in yards, everyone is focusing on beautification and cleanliness. It’s time for Small Business Owners to freshen up our lives and work space too!

This time of the year is nestled between the winter doldrums, taxes, and all the summertime fun we have been fantasizing about, isn’t it? Traditionally speaking, this is when everyone begins to get “ants in their pants” to be outside and enjoy the warmer weather with all the eternal hope it offers!

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Spring Cleaning Question:
How can this favorably impact YOUR Productivity and YOUR Business’s Performance?

The choice is yours. I suggest you follow the rhythm of Mother Nature. Make this a time of renewal for YOUR Work Space too!

NOTE: I find this topic so relevant for Small Business Owners that I decided to update this blog from when I initially published it in March 2012.

Improve YOUR Productivity with 10 Deep Spring Cleaning Steps:

  1. Carve out 2 hours on your calendar for this productivity project (no phone, emails, text messaging allowed).
  2. Move all the items on top of your desk to one side.
  3. Wipe down that one side with an appropriate cleaner.
  4. One at a time, pick up each of the items that belong back on the clean side of the desk and appropriate clean them before you place them where they belong.
  5. Take any piles of folders, articles, magazines/journals, or binders and place/file them in appropriate places.
  6. Open up one drawer, take all items out, wipe down the inside of drawer and place only the items that belong in that drawer back into that drawer. Repeat for all drawers. (Discard any rubbish or items which add no value to your performance.)
  7. Look at your shelves. Repeat steps 2-4 for each of the shelves in your office space.
  8. Look at the floor (this is a favorite of many). Do you use your floor space as a lazy filing system? If you have files on the floor: First file the ones you don’t reference daily. Create a new system for the files you routinely access.
  9. Vacuum or mop your work space.
  10. Take out your trash – by now it should be overflowing 🙂

START HERE! Make a 2 hour appointment to swiftly move through the 10 Steps.

TIP: If you need more than 2 hours, schedule another round for yourself on another day.

BONUS: If you really want to minimize your clutter, check out Evernote.com. This productivity tool is capable of phenomenal things to help you become more effective and efficient! I’ll have half the paper to manage come next spring cleaning! Want to learn more? Check out my Evernote Coach, Dave Rebro at www.drcs-solutions.com.

FYI:  Let’s have some fun with this in the comment section…. Let’s guesstimate, in a comment, how long it will take us to do all 10 Spring Cleaning Steps to our own work space. Me? Since I have  shelves covering a whole wall filled with books, I’m guesstimating 5 hours. What about you?


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