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Regularly committing yourself to your business’s success

Regularly committing yourself to your business success illustrated byt a white card with "YES" in black. The card spirals out from underneath it- like a fractal.
Not getting the results you want? Are you regularly committing yourself to your business success?

Regularly committing yourself to
your business’s success

Regularly committing yourself to your business is a power move for success. What do I mean when I say “regularly committing yourself”? Your Business’s Performance depends on you, it’s owner. Without you and your concentrated efforts, it will dissipate.

Business Owners create their business and are responsible for it – actually required to take care of their business. Businesses require a great amount of attention with the necessary focus constantly changing. A growing business has endless needs and you are its designated care-provider (click here to learn about what type of care YOUR Business needs).

Being a Business Owner requires you to daily recommit yourself to YOUR Business’s Vision and Mission. Your Business has objectives which will require you to move outside of your personal comfort zone. It requires you to show up when you are exhausted and distracted with the things of life. It will stretch you in ways unimaginable.

Being a strong Business Owner is similar to being an Olympian. The 2016 Olympic Games have kicked off. I’m amazed at the dedication and talent of the Olympians, who stay true to their training and performances regardless of life’s circumstances. I’m watching the games and I’m amazed at the commitment the Olympians have to their mission – attaining an Olympic Gold Medal. The Olympians are awe inspiring.

Are you regularly committing yourself to YOUR Business?

TIP: Imagine the success of YOUR Business, if you’d show up as if you were training for the Olympics! YOUR Business Success is possible (click here to read more about dedication and hopefulness).

What one thing could you remove to routinely show-up and lead YOUR Business? Share your answer in the comment section and I’ll reply.


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p.s. By regularly committing yourself to YOUR Business, you are showing your marketplace that you are serious about your professionalism. 

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