August 18


Don’t start another project until you do this first

don't start another project depicted by a business desk with  a notebook and square ruler to start some projects.
Don’t do it! Do not start another project until you first ask yourself this one question

Don’t Start Another Project Until
You do THIS One Thing First!

What? Don’t start another project… until?  Yes. America is a land of Do-ers and we would rather be busy than doing nothing. Doing something is better than nothing mindset and/or behavior can be very counter-intuitive for Business Owners’ effectiveness.

Before you start another project do this…
Hit the brakes and ask yourself:
“What am I going to accomplish if I choose to do this?”

That’s a loaded question if you take a little time to process it! Let’s dive a little deeper into what this question will help you define to simplify your work and success. It will help you discover the gain you will have from starting another project now.

More so, if you dive just a little deeper you will see it will also give you clues if it’s a project which will help you improve your or your business’s performance. Conversely, taking on a new project may inspire you – like taking on a new hobby. This too will improve performance.

How to start another project effectively and efficiently:

Before you start another project, determine when you want it completed. Doing this will help you assess if this is a project to support your success right now.

Next think of all the resources you need to do this well: people, technology, training, funding, and time allotment. Be thorough and get your resources in order before you start the project.

One last thing to do before you start. Develop the necessary steps to finish your project effectively. Double-check to see if it will be in alignment with your initial timeline. You may find it’s important to adjust your timeline now instead of stressing out to meet it.

Once you’ve completed all this, please remember to have fun starting your project. Remember to celebrate milestones along your path of success!

Please feel free to comment or share what your next project may be or any questions regarding how to start another project to support your success!


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p.s. Before I start another project I always go through this process to determine if it aligns with my Business’s Purpose and Vision. If so I proceed. If not, I don’t.


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