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Allocating Resources to Support Business Goals

Allocating Resources is depicted by two girls walking over large fallen tree for bridge. One sitting to ponder the view.
Are you determining how to be allocating resources best?

Allocating Resources Appropriately
Supports YOUR Goals

Allocating resources, appropriately, is a game change for most businesses to meet or crush their goals. Are you meeting or crushing your goals? We’re beyond the half way point of the year’s production. Are you and your team delivering what your business needs to have an awesome year?

My Motorcycle Crash Helped Me Assess
How I was Allocating Resources

For two years now, I’ve been closely examining where I’m allocating my resources. The quarter prior to my crippling motorcycle accident (April 2013), was the best quarter I had in several years. I was on a roll. Then everything literally came crashing down.

For the first 6 months after the accident I spend a ton of time in therapeutic recovery. My body was far from functioning properly. This impeded upon my business too. I was only able to keep up with current clients and blogging. Typing one-handed was a lesson in patience. Gee, everything was for that whole year.

Since I really couldn’t do much else, I did a great deal of contemplating what I really wanted to create for my business’s vision and mission. Additionally, what resources I had available to me and how I had been allocating resources. It turns out I really needed to RE-allocate my resources. I did OK with how I was initially allocating resources. Yet there was plenty of room for improvement.

Re-Allocating Resources Support Business Goals

Are you realizing your resources could be redistributed more effectively?

Look at two areas of your business: your gaps and your goals.

Allocating resources to fill your gaps seems to be more natural for many Business Owners-Leaders. You identify a gap and fill it with a solution of either more X or less of X.

Focusing on goals depicted with hand written message "Try CHANGE as a Business Strategy"
Focusing on goals and new action NOW for year end success

Allocating resources, appropriately, to improve your goals performance may not be so natural for many Business Owners-Leaders. Too often we get caught with all the hats we must wear to keep our business properly functioning. Yet we tend to minimize the attention certain activities will do to support our business’s goals and performance.

Remember to ask yourself and take action: What is our business’s purpose? Do we have enough attention there? Are we allocating resources to effectively support this goal? Once you have these answers you can begin re-allocating resources for you to fulfill your business’s mission.

Feel free to leave a comment or question allocating resources to fulfill your business’s performance goals. I’ll be happy to respond.


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p. s. And sometimes re-allocating resources means taking some time off! Enjoy some of these beautiful summer days while they’re here.


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